How can aspirant choose his preference from the list of civil services?

How can aspirant choose his preference from the list of civil services?

After qualifying for the mains exam the candidate has to specify his/her choice of service preferences which are IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS (IT) along with other options as announced by the UPSC. There are separate groups for the list of services and the candidate has to choose order of preference. Candidate should opt for the UPSC service preferences in order of their interest.

That preferences list should be in most favorite to less preferred services. This order of preferences is very important when the candidate gets qualified for the services. The candidate will be offered services according to the order of preferences mentioned. Though the order of preferences can be changed by selecting any lower option from the preference list but will not be allowed to select any higher option.

The list of preferences is to be filled in Detailed Application Form (DAF). While filling this form candidate must fill it with utmost care. It should be filled with diligence as one cannot change it. As mostly it decides what you going to do for next few decades of your life.

Due to any special reason like medical condition, the candidate may not be considered for any of the services by government. Always choose your preferences according to your inclination.

List of services offered:

  • Indian Foreign Services (IFS): This service gives the candidate opportunity to travel around the world. If travelling is your knack, then choose IFS as your preference. You may travel the world and visit different countries, but not of your choice.

  • Indian Administrative Services (IAS): It is very challenging and tough service and one of the most prestigious of all the services. Candidate gets lots of opportunity to work all over the nation. Choose this as your preference if you want to work for your homeland and your people.

  • Indian Police Services (IPS): This service requires one to be alert all the time. This works requires protecting the people and work for their security. Choose this service as your preferences if you want to work for the security of the people.

  • Indian Revenue Services (IRS): This service requires overseeing issues relating to direct and indirect tax collection and posting is done in major cities generally.

The salary and perks offered for every service are excellent and cannot be compared. It is solely candidate’s choice to decide which service to choose and he/she wishes to join.

Criteria for the candidates in choosing the civil services exam: Introspect yourself before listing your preferences and know what suits your personality best. It is really good to discuss with family and decide your future plans and accordingly choose your preferences. Remember all the preferences have equal responsibility. Most importantly, your personal choice and interest should work behind your list of preferences. Always analyze your strengths and weakness that will help you to decide which service to list.