KSG Online Learning (KOL)

Online Foundation Course

Duration: 900 Hours (approx)

Schedule: Regular Batch - Daily Class

05:00pm-08:00pm for Evening Batch

Fee: Rs. 1,00,000/- + GST

The consistent selection of our students over the years demonstrates the dedication, efforts, targeted teaching, guidance and mentoring that KSG provides under the stellar leadership of DR. Khan. KSG India aims to make the learning process more interactive and accomodative to students from all parts of the country. In keeping with the rising demand of students to start an online foundation program. KSG India has introduced the KSG Online Learning Initiative (KOL).

Students can now attend live online classes at the comfort of their homes without the pressure of moving out. The course is designed and tailor made keeping in mind the students who are unable to attend our physical/offline classes due to work, college, or other obligations. This course bridges the gap created due distance, logistics and time.

KOL brings to you all the mentoring & monitoring support as provided in physical classes:

  • Live classes exclusively for online students (with vertical plan for class).
  • Comprehensive coverage of the course under module-based teaching program.
  • Most updated GS material (The booklets will be sent by courier)
  • Daily objective test (with Regular Individual performance chart)
  • Proof of Delivery (Subjective Tests with Guided Assessment)
  • Writing skill Development Classes
  • Answer Writing Practice Program (Power Writing, CIWP and much more)

Special Features of KOL:

  • Personal Session with Dr. Khan
  • Live Classes Exclusively for Online Students (through dedicated Login)
  • Recorded Class will also be available throughout the course.
  • Prelims Test Series Included
  • Class Notes will be provided on a regular basis.
  • Mains Test Series available at a discounted fee of 10,000/-
  • Dedicated Academic & Administrative POC (point of contact) for each student
  • Daily Material will be given in pdf format for easy accessibility.
  • Regular Tests will be conducted with online assessment & proper report
  • Everyday Mentors’ support available (Through Call/WhatsApp)
  • Regular classes on Current affairs
  • Special tutorial class by the faculty upon completion of the segment
  • Updation support, including Materials and Tests, available for the students who are willing to give the attempt later.
  • Transfer from online to offline allowed (upon paying the difference fee)
  • Accessible across all popular devices, including Android, iOS, and the Web.

Under the leadership of DR Khan, KSG India has delivered consistent results. The consistent result produced by KSG showcases its methodologies' success and dedication to helping its students realise their true potential.


Dedicated Faculty: Under the guidance of DR Khan, KSG India has developed an excellent team of experienced and dedicated faculty whose unending commitment to the students has led to the astonishing success of the institution. In addition to being technically adept, the faculty at KSG India are renowned for their dedication to their students. The support of the faculty extends beyond the class. The faculties personally engage with students by sharing their contact details with the students, enabling students to ask any queries they face even after their course ends. The same is true for DR Khan, who engages with students at a personal level. And this is why many top bureaucrats of the country and serving civil servants credit DR Khan and Team KSG and remain in touch with us even after their selection.

Focus on answer writing: Since marks obtained in the Mains Examination determine a candidate's rank in the Civil Service examination, special emphasis is given to developing answer writing skills. Answer writing is a skill which needs to be nurtured and developed under the guidance of experts. The answer-writing sessions are conducted under the guidance of DR. Khan, and emphasis is laid on the practice of answer-writing from day one. Giving students enough time to hone their skills and work on their weaknesses.

Regular evaluation: Daily objective and subjective tests allow students to evaluate their progress on a regular basis. We have developed many innovative techniques to evaluate candidates on different aspects. Tests like POD and CIWP aim to judge the answer writing techniques of the student and helps them identify their mistakes. 

At the end of the month, the students are presented with a performance chart. This chart depicts their performance in the tests conducted throughout the month, and a comparative analysis is also given with the performance of past UPSC toppers from KSG.

Mentorship Program: KSG prides itself on giving students a holistic learning experience. One of the components of this is the Mentorship program, where every student is attached to a mentor. The mentor acts as a guardian angel to the student and guides them through the UPSC journey. The mentors adopt a handholding approach with the students and help them with academic and non-academic doubts or personal issues. The main aim of the mentorship program is to ensure that every student is provided with the intellectual and emotional assistance they require during this journey. 

Material: The material provided by KSG in terms of its books, daily current affairs updation material and the monthly current affairs compilation magazine is all designed keeping in mind the changing pattern of the UPSC examination. The material is created by a team of dedicated researchers who are experts in their field. These notes are designed to complement the class notes and help students approach the examination in the proper manner. 

Questions are asked directly from KSG material: One of the misconceptions associated with UPSC CSE is that anything under the sun is asked. However, this is a fallacy. Over the years many questions have been asked directly from the class notes and supplementary material. This consistent ability to predict the questions being asked in UPSC points to the fact that KSG has cracked the UPSC code and devised the right technique to give highly relevant material to the exam. 

Post-Course Knowledge Transfer: A student's association with KSG continues after the completion of the course they undertook. Post Course Knowledge transfer Program gives students access to updated material (daily, weekly and monthly) and tests regularly through a dedicated portal. This service is offered free of cost to students. This program ensures that the student receives the required material and guidance until their name appears in the final list of UPSC.

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