AWSDP+ - Answer Writing Skill Development Programme Plus

Answer Writing Course - AWSDP

New Batch : 7th Of Every Month
Contact: 9667779058, 8287336611

Every Monday

2 Questions of GS I

Every Tuesday

2 Questions of GS II

Every Wednesday

2 Questions of GS III

Every Thursday

2 Questions of GS IV

Every Friday

2 Questions of Current Affairs.

Every Saturday

1 Topic of Essay.

Features of Programme

  • 7 Day's basic Answer Writing Development Exercise which includes:
    • Fundamental of Answer writing
    • Dr Khan recorded Lectures & Exercise.
  • After 7 Day’s Exercise daily 2 Questions of GS will be provided to students.
  • Question will be based on UPSC syllabus.
  • Dedicated Portal for every student.

Evaluation Process

  • Students have to submit their sheet in online mode.
  • Evaluated copies will be E-mail to the students.
  • Students can write answer at KSG Centers.
  • Time of answer writing at KSG Centers will be decided by respective center.


Answer Writing is an art which takes time to develop and it is a process, which can be developed through practice. There are multiple formats for answer writing but one must follow whichever suits him/her. It’s a skill that can be sharpened with regular practice. It is commonly said that perfection comes with practice. But it is perfect practice under expert guidance through which perfection comes. 

Since 2013, with the change of syllabus of UPSC mains examination, weightage of General Studies paper has increased significantly. Now there are four papers of General studies which carries a weightage of 1000 marks and an essay paper of 250 (total 1250 out of 1750). 

We at KSG under the guidance of Dr. Khan and expert team give so much importance to answer writing because it helps in boosting confidence to handle the pressure on your exam days. Writing 4000 words approximately in 3 hours is a tough task to do. And doing this in a state of intense competition is even tougher. Perfect and adequate practice gives you an extra edge to perform well in the examination both in General studies as well as in essay paper.

Duration of the course will be strictly adhered to and no extension will be given.
Duration of the course will be counted from the date of your enrollment.

• All fees are inclusive of all taxes


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