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KSG offers India's best General Studies & CSAT under the expertise of Dr Khan in both Regular & Weekend classes program.

The innovative approach towards combining the preliminary and mains general studies section under one program, is to broaden the objective knowledge as well as subjective knowledge. We, Khan Study Group, provide Foundation Course, Pre-cum-Mains for the General Studies as it is considered the most essential part in UPSC preparation. We intended to focus the General Studies section, as it is classified into a wide section of Indian History, Polity, Geography, Economic and Science, and many more sub-sections. Our focus is to simultaneously guide you through prelims and mains throughout your journey.

Key features of our Foundation course:

1.    We have structured the syllabus into a well defined plan, called Vertical Plan.
2.    We have scheduled the daily practice tests for prelims and modify your results into a performance chart.
3.    We have regular practice tests for mains as well which comprises of various answer writing tests.
4.    We have scheduled reference material for specific topics that includes current topics as well.
5.    We have designed POD technique to keep a check on your preparation on  a regular basis.

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The KSG Foundation Course is a consolidated one preparing students for the General Studies for both Preliminary and Mains of the UPSC Civil Services examination. For the Preliminary examination, the course covers General Studies (Paper I) as well as the CSAT (Paper II). For the Mains examination, we cover all papers of General Studies (Papers I, II, III and IV) as well as the Essay Part. Once you clear the Preliminary and Mains examinations, then preparation for the Interview/Personality Test is provided through Mock tests at our Delhi Centre. KSG Foundation Course is imparted through Classroom Teaching Method. Classes are conducted three hours daily for seven days a week including on Sundays and runs for 9 months in a year. Key Features of this Course include: Pre-Preparation Plan, The Vertical Plan, Answer Writing Practice, Current Issues Writing Practice (CIWP), Proof of Delivery (POD), Flashback Series, My Notes by Khan Sir, The Current Connect and Performance Charting.

Pre-Preparation Plan

As soon as you register for the KSG Foundation Course, we provide you a Pre-Preparation Plan to begin preparation with the help of study materials provided by us. This Plan would help you understand the Syllabus and the demand of the UPSC examination and familiarise you with the types of questions that are asked in this examination. The course material of the Pre-Preparation Plan includes guidance on Model Answers Writing, Current Affairs Analysis, Weekly Objective Tests and Subjective Tests for each module. This plan is intended towards building a solid foundation for the students before they start their actual preparation.

The Vertical Plan

When you enter in the class for the first day, we will provide you a Vertical Plan through which you get to know what all tests you have to take each day in terms of Objective Tests or Power Writing submissions. The Objective Test is conducted on the UPSC pattern with negative markings and the Power Writing submissions are oriented towards the Mains examination. The Vertical Plan is geared towards ensuring an effective Retrieval Method and essentially proves that we are planned and organised in minutest details. Such meticulous planning also helps students to know what all they are going to study or what part of the UPSC Syllabus they are going to cover and when they are going to do that.

Answer Writing Practice

We focus a great deal on Answer Writing Practice through KSG's Power Writing submissions that are divided into two parts: Focus Writing and Purpose Writing. In the Focus Writing, selected themes are provided to the students on which they bring their own write- ups but keep separate in their diary the title of their write-ups. These write-ups are provided to the evaluators, who give these write-ups suitable titles according to their respective contents. Similarly, in Purpose Writing, four options are provided such as Discuss, Evaluate, Comment or Highlight and the students have to accordingly write their answers. In the evaluation of Purpose Writing, the evaluator would tell the students whether they have suddenly changed the track in their approach.

Proof of Delivery (POD)

The Proof of Delivery (POD) is directed towards testing all topics according to the UPSC Syllabus such as History, Polity, Economy and International Relations etc., which are divided into different modules. When the faculty has finished one module, then we test that module. This is called Proof of Delivery. In a sense the students decide through the method of POD whether they have the ability to use the information in an expected format or not.

Performance Charting

We prepare a graph of the 30 objective type tests that are conducted of the students of the KSG Foundation Course to show their individual strength. This chart provides percentage of marks through which students can compare their individual performance with that of the topper of that test and also performance at all India level. Through this charting students can also assess in which topics they are weak and they can accordingly improve their performances to make themselves strong in a holistic manner. We also focus on Daily Progress Charting.

Current Issues Writing Practice (CIWP)

Within the first few weeks, we start taking the test of Current Issues Writing Practice (CIWP) for seven topics, which are covered in the previous weeks. Students are provided research assignments. These research assignments are provided by DR. A. R. Khan, on the basis of these assignments subjective classroom test will be conducted at the respective centres fortnightly.

My Notes

We also provide My Notes each fortnight from the newspapers. In My Notes, we also provide material from some news magazines.

The Current Connect

We also provide the students our in-house magazine named the Current Connect which covers the current affairs of the whole of previous month. In this magazine we cover an exhaustive list of topics of Current Affairs each month. It is unique in a way that the topics are updates of the Mains syllabus.

Flashback Series (CCW and Editorials)

We also keep our students updated on a regular manner on Current Affairs. As a Flashback Series, we provide the students those news which are old but still relevant and on which it is probable that questions may be asked in the forthcoming UPSC examination. Such news materials are provided to the students on a regular basis. Here, any current issue is explained with respect to their backdrops so that students are able to appreciate their present state. In the Current Cognitive Web (CCW), we cover those topics on which UPSC, rather than asking questions directly, may base questions surrounding those topics or related to those topics. We provide such material after their raw filter. We also provide Editorials from those newspapers that students often don't read.

Reference Book Series

This includes materials from some reference books the author and material of which are very important and useful but it may not be needed to read those books in their entirety. From such books, two pages, four pages or a particular relevant topic is selected for the students to read and after filtering these materials we provide them to the students.

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