Geography Optional

Geography Optional

Duration of the course: 4-5 Months(approx)
Fee: Offline 40,000/- + GST
Online Rs 30,000/- + GST

Why Geography as an Optional?

Geography is an important subject for UPSC CSE. Its terminologies and concepts are as old as the ancient civilization of Indus valley, The Hwang-Ho Valley Civilizations, Nile valley and Mesopotamian Civilisation. Geography as a subject has developed over the historical Period of Greeks, Romans, Indians,Chinese and Arabs Geographers. In the twentieth century, especially after the Second World War, Geography was recognised as a socially relevant subject.Since then, there has been an explosion of geographic literature.

Geography’s contribution in General studies: More than 40% of the GS paper I syllabus is directly covered with Geography as an Optional. GS paper II also has few sections which are part of the Geography optional syllabus.

Apart from this direct overlapping, indirectly it helps in the essay paper. Information of geography is very useful in answering questions on International Relations specially the Geopolitics, sea lines of communication , Social studies and strategic analysis etc. In essay paper there is atleast one topic asked directly related to geography every year. Even in other topics in essay except the philosophical topics knowledge from geography can be helpful in writing essays. For example in 2018, there was an essay ‘Management of Indian border disputes – a complex task’. It is directly related to Geography.

Why Geography optional @KSG?

Geography optional at KGS focuses on comprehensive and meticulous coverage of the syllabus. It will be like never before experience with the renowned teachers having specialisation in Geography. Concepts are not only explained in detail but deep insights are given using Audio-Video Graphics and technological pedagogy. Moreover, the class is highly interactive in nature this helps memorise informations in the class room itself.

At KSG, we provide the updated booklets that are highly comprehensive and additional value added information is provided from almost all important books relevant for this exam.

Besides, the students are also provided assistance in developing creative answer writing skills (through means of regular tests), especially for the questions which one might find difficult to answer in the examination hall. KSG is known for its timely and comprehensive coverage of the syllabus (with additionality of different aspects of the syllabus).

Post Completion of the course-

We at KSG remain enthusiastic about your preparation and selection. Our association with aspirants is not only limited to the months of course completion classes but extends well beyond that. Support is given to aspirants in the form of updated material, missed classes, answer evaluation with valuable feedback and interaction with faculty. We try to aid the students in maintaining zeal and enthusiasm throughout their journey of preparation. We remain associated with our students and provide them the required assistance till their final selection.

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