Sociology Optional

Sociology Optional

Duration of the course: 4-5 Months(approx)
Fee: Offline 40,000/- + GST
Online Rs 30,000/- + GST



Why Sociology ?

  • One of the most sought after subjects with the future IAS aspirants, its immense popularity is evident from the fact that out of the top 10 rankers in the UPSC examination 3 are sociology candidates and out of the top 25 candidates, 12 have sociology as their subject.
  • The main reasons for selection of sociology can be attributed to its ease of understanding and a well-defined syllabus, extremely interesting and require a short time for preparation of 6-8 months.
  • Our past survey shows that the sociology subject is not only preferred by the Humanities candidates but also the candidates from Engineering and the medical domain.


Features of our Classroom program :

  • Comprehensive coverage of the optional subject is delivered through the lectures.
  • Hybrid sessions along with 1-month recording of the classes.
  • Dedicated mentorship facility to enhance the understanding of the students in accordance with their pace of learning.
  • Regular assignments along with the periodic tests where students can track their progress. 
  • Handouts of important articles published in various newspapers and journals.
  • Printed notes prepared by faculty.
  • Timely updation of other relevant material


Advantage of Sociology as an optional

  1. The success rate of sociology as a subject has been remaining steady over years at 9% which also makes it ideal with candidates as their optional choice.
  2. Sociology as an optional is easy to conceptualize beside easy to conceptualize, the field of sociology can be regarded as a mare extension of our social behavior
  3. The syllabus is not very lengthy and study material is easily available.
  4. The answers can be elaborated in most cases from a general point of view. As mentioned sociology helps you have a generalized view point on each topic this means scoring more marks in essays
  5. The performance of any candidate on the exam is dependent on his ability to answer the maximum questions in the given interval.


Why Sociology Optional at KSG?

KSG is renowned for its emphasis on Answer writing. By this time you must have known that it is only answer writing that will help you fetch a good rank in CSE. We at KSG have put the same emphasis on Optional Answer practice as we do for General Studies.

The meticulous and diligent coverage of the course will ease the learning of the subject and the expertise of Faculty will give you in class learning and greater insights. Use of various technological pedagogies would help students grasp things easily. Focus on answer writing in the class, would help aspirants boost their confidence and to counter any question that they face in the exam. It is ensured through means of regular tests which also helps you build a habit of answer writing. Following a fixed schedule is really a difficult task, but if done, could do wonders. We at KSG are very devoted to following a strict schedule.     

Excessive focus on not only Course Coverage, but also on additional information that could help you spice up your preparation. The content provided to the students would help any aspirant learn things easily and in an insightful manner. Often students would be given Handout notes in addition to regular notes, which contain insightful information.


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Post Completion:

We at KSG remain enthusiastic about your preparation and selection. Our association with aspirants is not only limited to the months of course completion classes but extends well beyond that. Support is given to aspirants in the form of updated material, missed classes, answer evaluation with valuable feedback and interaction with faculty. We try to aid the students in maintaining zeal and enthusiasm throughout their journey of preparation. We remain associated with our students and provide them the required assistance their final selection.  


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