Distance Learning & Mentoring Programme

Distance Learning and Mentoring Programme


Our distance learning materials are based on the principles of learning theories to create desirable conditions that will facilitate effective self learning, i.e. knowing the objective, follow the content step by step, involving the students actively in learning. A distance learning (DL) text is designed and written in a modular-format to help home-based students to learn themselves effectively.

Fee : 19,500/- including GST
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What makes DL&MP unique?

  • Schedule for the students will be created according to the need and the time availability.
  • Dedicated mentor allocated to every student for hand-holding guidance throughout the preparation

Programme Deliverables:

  1. Comprehensive/updated study material for GS I, GS II, GS III & GS IV.
  2. One power writing booklet to empower your writing skill in a continuous & consistent manner.
  3. Advanced Mentorship programme.
  4. 2 CSAT booklet.
  5. Objective Tests.
  6. Subjective Tests.

The  Strength of our Distance Learning Programme are:

  1. Instructional Adequacy (design, content, remediation, language, scope etc.)
  2. Program Adequacy (simulation model design, procedures, efficiency etc.)
  3. Curriculum Adequacy (design, procedures etc.)


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