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Today's Headlines - 21 January 2024

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Controversies regarding recruitment of workers for Israel

GS Paper III

News excerpt:

Labour activists and trade unions have raised concerns regarding the recruitment of Indian workers for jobs in Israel.

Wetland ‘nature tourism’ gets a fillip

GS Paper III

News Excerpt:

The Central government has set out to promote tourism at Ecologically Sensitive Wetlands, better known as Ramsar sites.

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Wild Life (Protection) Licencing (Additional Matters for Consideration) Rules, 2024

News Excerpt: 

Recently, the central government has excluded some species from the process of issuing licences for their wildlife trade in the revised rules that have come after four decades.

CCMB scientists unravel origins of Ladakh people

News Excerpt:

Recently, Study conducted by the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMMB) confirms and supports the movement of Ladkakh people through the Trans Himalayan corridor and the silk route.


News Excerpt:

A new innovative plant-inspired robot, named FiloBot, has been developed that climbs up structures just like climbing vines.

Soraya satellite

News Excerpt: 

Iran has successfully launched its Soraya satellite.

NASA’s Mars helicopter ‘Ingenuity’

News Excerpt:

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) regained contact with its Mars helicopter Ingenuity after it could not communicate with it towards the end of its 72nd flight on the red planet.

Why are conflicts spreading in West Asia?

News Excerpt:

West Asia is in flux. The military confrontation which started between Israel and Hamas has snowballed into a regional security crisis. 

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