Today's Headlines

Today's Headlines - 01 November 2023

Doctors to get a unique ID in the National Medical Register


A pilot assessment system regarding unique ID has been conducted in eight colleges nationwide, with the National Medical Commission consulting the stakeholders.

Health ATMs

Relevance: GS II (Social Justice)

News Excerpt: 

The Health ATMs were launched by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah during the Kalyana Utsav in rural areas as a first-of-its-kind effort in the state.

October rain in Southern India ‘sixth lowest’ since 1901

Relevance: GS Paper - III

News Excerpt:

The Northeast Monsoon, which brings vital rain to Southern India, experienced its sixth driest October in 123 years, making it the "sixth lowest" since 1901.

Deep Ocean Mission (DOM)

Relevance: GS Paper - III

News Excerpt:

To examine biodiversity and explore deep-sea resources, India's first manned Deep Ocean Mission, called "Samudrayaan", intends to send three people in a submersible down to a depth of six kilometers (6000m) in the ocean.

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