Check Out How Much Salary The IAS Officer Get

Salary of an IAS Officer

Check Out How Much Salary The IAS Officer Get

How much salary an IAS officer gets? Yes! IAS officer salary is always a fascinating question of which answer, every Indian wants to know.


IAS (Indian Administrative Services) are one of the renowned civil exams people appear for. And it is one of the toughest examinations in India because the level of competition is very high; along with the number of subjects is also very vast. IAS earns not only good respect, power, and position in society but also a handsome amount of salary. 

There are lakhs of people appearing for the exam every year but only a handful of candidates make it through and among them, only a few would be able to sit on the chair of IAS. So, let’s talk about everything about the calculation and figure of IAS salary after the 7th pay commission. 

An IAS earns a handsome amount in exchange to serve the administration of any city in India. It is needless to say that, with the increase in experience and the number of services, the level of the officer will increase and so his service.

H2 - Understanding Some Terms in Context With IAS Officer Salary 

The basic calculation of IAS officer salary is Total salary = Basic salary + DA (Dearness Allowance) + TA (Travel Allowance) + HRA (House Rent Allowance). HRA is usually up to 24% of basic salary. DA is given after adjusting CPI (inflation index). 

Senior Levels, Experience, & Designation Upon Which IAS Officer Salary Depends. 


Years of Experience


Level 10


ASP/SDM/ Asst. Commissioner in IRS

Level 11

5-8 yrs

SP/DM/Deputy Commissioner in IRS

Level 12

9-12 yrs

SSP/DM (DS in GOS)/Joint Commissioner in IRS

Level 13

13-16 yrs

SSP/DM (Director in Government of India)/Additional Commissioner in IRS

Level 13A

14th yr

DIG (No parallel Scale in IAS or IRS)

Level 14

16-24 yrs

IG/Commissioner (IAS/IRS)/JS in GOI

Level 15

25-30 yrs

ADG/Additional Secretary in GOI/Principal Secretary in State/ Principal Commissioner in IRS

Level 16

30-33 yrs

Additional Chief Secretary /DG/Chief Commissioner in IRS

Level 17

34-36 yrs

Chief Secretary/DG/Secretary of GOI/ Principal Chief Commissioner in IRS

Level 18

37+ yrs

Cabinet Secretary to Government of India

Note: The basic salary of a Cabinet Secretary to Government of India is 2,50,000 /-

The Structure of IAS Officer Salary (7th Pay Commission) 

The salary of IAS Officer per month is calculated on the basis of different levels. Usually, IAS officers are promoted every 4 or 5 years and so as the IAS officer salary. For 11, 12, and 13th level officers, there is a dual increment in a year. And after level 14 all the officers receive the same amount of salary. The topmost level is 18 as of now. So, there are certain parameters for IAS salary after the 7th pay commission, which is detailed in the table given here below. 

Pay Level

Basic Pay

Years of Experience






1 to 4 Years

Sub-divisional magistrate


Assistant Secretary



5 to 8 Years

Additional district magistrate

Deputy Secretary




9 to 12 Years

District magistrate

Joint Secretary

Deputy Secretary



13 to 16 Years

District magistrate

Special secretary-cum-director




16 to 24 Years

Divisional commissioner


Joint Secretary



25 to 30 Years

Divisional commissioner

Principal Secretary

Additional secretary



30 to 33 Years

No Equivalent Rank

Additional Chief Secretary

No Equivalent Rank



34 to 36 Years

No Equivalent Rank

Chief Secretary




37+ Years

No Equivalent Rank

No Equivalent Rank

Cabinet Secretary of India

So, looking at the table above, we can conclude that IAS officer salary per month depends upon his grade, level, and post along with the number of years’ experience. Usually, it starts with 56,100 per month basic plus DA, TA, and HRA. The figures will change with respect to any government announcements and notifications. 

So we can say that the salary of an IAS starts with 56,100 basic including TA, DA, HRA, and other allowances and will reach up to 2,50,000 per month (basic). 

Old Structure of Salary of IAS Officer Per Month (6th Pay Commission) 

Before the application of the 7th Pay Commission, all the administrative officers will receive a salary according to 6th pay commission. The details of the 6th Pay commission is given in the below table. 


Pay Scale

Grade Pay

Years of Experience


Junior or Lower Time Scale

15600 – 39100


0 Years

Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), SDO, or Sub-Collector (after 2 years of probation)

Senior Time Scale

15600 – 39100


5 Years

District Magistrate (DM) or Collector or a Joint Secretary of a Government Ministry

Junior Administrative

15600 – 39100


9 Years

Special Secretary or the Head of Various Government Departments

Selection Grade

37400 – 67000


12 to 15 Years

Secretary to a Ministry

Super Time Scale

37400 – 67000


17 to 20 Years

Principal Secretary of a Very Important Department of the Government

Above Super Time Scale

37400 – 67000




Apex Scale

80000 (Fixed)



Chief Secretary of States, Union Secretaries in charge of various ministries of Government of India

Cabinet Secretary Grade

90000 (Fixed)



Cabinet Secretary of India

Some Common Queries Regarding The Salary of An IAS 

There are many queries in the mind of the common man about IAS. This section is especially added to answer all the frequently asked questions about IAS and their salary.

Does an IAS officer receive the same salary during the training period? 

IAS training held at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA). They receive the same amount of salary as per their pay scale during the period. Training is considered as part of his service.

Does an IAS receive promotion and increment?

As mentioned in the above table an IAS officer receives increment but unlike the private sector, they do not expect a yearly increment in their salary. It depends on their level and years of service. Their designation also increases according to the increase in their level. You can check the amount of increment based on the levels in the above-given table.

Eligibility For appearing in the IAS exam.

Anyone who has the degree of graduation and who is a resident of India can appear for the examination of IAS. Besides that, the candidate should hold a degree of any university (private or public) established under the act of parliament.

Is there any age limit for appearing in the IAS exam.

Yes, the minimum age to appear in the IAS exam is 21 years as on the 1st day of August of the year in which the examination will take place.

There is also an upper age limit beyond which you can't appear in the IAS exam. For students of the general category, the upper age limit is 32 years. For students of the reserved category, OBC is 35 years while for students of the reserved category SC/ST is 37 years.

How many Attempts One Can Give?

The minimum attempts one can give is 6 for the students of the general category. However, the students of OBC receive 3 more attempts i.e. 9 attempts while that of SC/ST gets unlimited attempts.

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