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Today's Headlines - 26 November 2023

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Rising Female work participation: A sign of Stressed livelihood

GS Paper I and II

News Excerpt:

With changes in the work status of females, predominated by the rise in agri sectors, the rising contribution of females in the labour market epitomises a stressed livelihood.

Constitution Day - 26th November

GS Paper II

News Excerpt:

The Ministry of Law and Justice, in collaboration with the Indian Law Institute, will celebrate Constitution Day at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi.

Deepening of ozone hole in Antarctica

GS Paper III

News Excerpt:

According to new research, the hole in the Antarctic ozone layer has been getting deeper in mid-spring over the last two decades, despite a global ban on chemicals that deplete Earth's shield from deadly solar radiation.

Also In News

SEBI Board Meeting Decisions

News Excerpt:

SEBI board discusses new delisting rules, AIF regulations, NPO fundraising, small & medium REITs and Index Provider Framework.

‘Methane’ Discovered on ‘Warm- Jupiter’ Exoplanet

News Excerpt:

Methane's short duration in a planetary atmosphere has captured the scientific attention of many researchers.

Kambala Festival

News Excerpt: 

The Namma Kambala buffalo race is making its debut in Bengaluru this year.

9th National Level Pollution Response Exercise (NATPOLREX-IX)

News Excerpt:

The Indian Coast Guard conducted the 9th National Level Pollution Response Exercise (NATPOLREX-IX) on 25 Nov 2023 off Vadinar, Gujarat. 

LCA Tejas

News Excerpt:

Recently, PM Narendra Modi completed a sortie in the supersonic multirole fighter jet Tejas, becoming the first head of government to achieve the feat.