LCA Tejas

News Excerpt:

Recently, PM Narendra Modi completed a sortie in the supersonic multirole fighter jet Tejas, becoming the first head of government to achieve the feat.

About LCA Tejas:

  • The LCA Tejas is a 4.5th Generation Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) category Fighter jet. 
  • It is an all-weather, multirole aircraft that can undertake all roles of a multirole aircraft (single and twin seater).
  • This is the first time ever that an indigenous twin-seat fighter has been designed, developed, and manufactured in India.
  • The aircraft is designed to be a multi-role aircraft capable of easily taking up offensive air support, close combat, and ground attack roles
  • It is also designed to undertake Ground Maritime Operations.

  • The different aircraft variants, namely single-seater and twin-seater, are under production and development, which the IAF and Navy will use.
  • Further, LCA Mk1A is the most advanced version of the LCA Tejas.
  • It is equipped with AESA Radar, EW suite consisting of radar warning and self-protection jamming, Digital Map Generator (DMG), Smart Multi-function Displays (SMFD), Combined Interrogator and Transponder (CIT), Advanced Radio Altimeter and other advanced features.