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Today's Headlines - 19 November 2023

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Companies approved for IT Hardware PLI Scheme

GS Paper III

News Excerpt:

India boosts hi-tech manufacturing grants approval to 27 global and local IT hardware companies under the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme.

Thorium deposits in Kerala’s coastal areas

GS Paper III

News Excerpt:

The Union government has been asked for approval by Kerala's power company to build a nuclear power plant based on thorium in the state.

How does the mandatory reporting provision under POCSO work?

GS Paper II and III

News Excerpt:

The Himachal Pradesh High Court recently ruled that the failure to report sexual crimes against children below 18 years is a bailable offence.

Also in News

A new sensor toolkit for studying neuropeptides

News Excerpt:

Researchers have developed and characterized a series of highly selective and sensitive GPCR activation-based sensors (GRABs) for detecting several neuropeptides.

Border Peace and Tranquility Agreement (BPTA)

News excerpt:

Thirty years on after the first India-China border agreement, the mechanisms built to keep the peace on the Line of Actual Control are fraying and in need of urgent revisiting.

Halal certification

News Excerpt:

The UP government has ordered a statewide ban on products being sold with halal certificates with immediate effect.

The secret behind Mussels’ quick-release interface

News Excerpt:

A new study finds that Mussels can create quick-release interfaces by way of a neurochemically-mediated junction, where billions of motile cilia hold fast to interlinked biopolymer sheets.

UP, Bihar replaces Kerala as top supplier of blue-collar workforce to GCC nations

News Excerpt:

The UAE-based organisation Huntr has conducted a study that has underscored several significant trends regarding the workforce migrating from India.

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