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Today's Headlines - 11 November 2023

Alternative to the Suez Canal

News Excerpt 

It has been speculated that the world is going to see an alternative to the Egyptian-controlled Suez Canal that starts from the western arm of the Red Sea and passes to the southeastern Mediterranean through the northern Sinai peninsula.


Policy for digital government ads released

News Excerpt: The Central Bureau of Communication recently announced the Digital Advertisement Policy of 2023.


Baler: A machine for off-site management of farm stubble

News Excerpt: Recently, Punjab has seen a surge in demand for a farm machine called Baler that makes ex situ (off site) stubble control easier since the Supreme Court took up the issue of farm fires.


India holds ‘2+2’ Ministerial dialogue with the US

News Excerpt

Recently, the Indian Defence Minister and External Affairs Minister met their counterparts from the US government, Defence Secretary and Secretary of State respectively, for the fifth 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue held in New Delhi.

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