NEEV - NCERT Foundation Course

150+ hours of live online classes covering all NCERTs from classes 6th-12th. 

NEEV - Foundation for UPSC starts with NCERT

Classes: Monday - Friday, Timing 5:30-7:30 pm
Fee : 9500/-

A strong foundation is a prerequisite to success in the UPSC Civil Services Examination.  When it comes to UPSC CSE, NCERTs form the foundation pillar on which the whole preparation of a student relies. 

Students are always advised to go through the NCERTs thoroughly, but it often gets challenging for students to follow this advice for multiple reasons-

  • Which NCERT should they refer to, Old or New?
  • Are the state board books important?
  • Are all NCERTS from classes 6 to 12 to be given equal importance?
  • How to make notes merging the NCERTs and state board, and NIOS books?
  • How to test the acquired knowledge?

The NEEV-NCERT program aims to develop the conceptual clarity of students and provide them with the necessary tools to translate this knowledge on paper. 

Many students make the mistake of rigorously studying a topic and memorising information without paying proper attention to its retrieval, reproduction or articulation in the examination. 

The NEEV program would not only focus on accumulating knowledge but also help you organise that information to deliver it when it comes. And aims to test the students on a daily basis to see if the acquired information is retained.

Features of the NEEV program.   

  • 150+ hours of live online classes covering all NCERTs from class 6th-12th (in approximately 3 months).
  • Crisp and Effective Notes are given to students on a daily basis.
  • Daily Notes based on NCERTs
  • Daily Post Session Objective Tests: Aspirants are expected to give a test after each class. 
  • NCERT-based Test Series: 10 full-length Objective tests based on NCERTs (100 Questions each).
  • Dedicated Mentor support to track the student's performance and guide them on important aspects.
  • Zoom sessions with mentors focusing on different aspects of the preparation e.g. answer writing, newspaper reading, notes-making etc.

Subjects to be taught (NCERTs from class 6th-12th)

1. Economic

2. Polity

3. Geography

4. Science

5. Ancient history

6. Medieval history

7. Modern history

8. Art and culture

9. Environment

10. Social Issues

For more details, please contact us on 99909 99707 or 96543 76543

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