importantance of test series in IAS preparation

How important is the test series in UPSC preparation?

It is often seen that aspirants devote most of their time during preparation in reading. However, what this preparation requires is a blend of reading and practice. Taking mock tests before the exam will give an edge to the preparation and prepare the candidate for the actual exam well in advance. 

What are the benefits of joining mock tests?

Test series is one of the best methods to improve one’s mains answer writing, improve the level of confidence and rectifying the mistakes in one’s preparation. It also helps the candidate overcome the fear of the exam. Fear and anxiety sometimes lead to inaction impacting one’s performance. Comprehensive evaluation and regular feedback help a candidate in realizing his strengths and weakness and accordingly strategizing his preparation. 

Apart from this, Test series help you develop the skill required to tackle the uncertain nature of the paper. Few questions asked in the exam will be such about which one may have no idea at all. However, a candidate with good practice of facing similar questions in test series will have an upper hand in tackling such situations in both prelims and mains paper.

Also, an all India rank which is assigned to every candidate who takes test series will help him/her in analyzing the true nature of the competition and evaluating his/her preparation level. 

Which coaching institute is the best for GS classroom programs and test series?

There are a number of coaching institutes in almost every major city of India today that provide classes for UPSC. However, one should be cautious enough before getting enrolled in any coaching. The fee for the whole program is high at around 1.5 lacs approx. So one should first ensure that his or his parent's hard earned money is spent for the right purpose at authentic sources. Take feedback from your friends and seniors, listen to topper’s talk and find out what topper’s recommend and read some online reviews too on Quora and other platforms before finalizing which institute to join. 

However, KSG India has emerged as the most preferred institute by aspirants in the recent past. This institute has produced a number of toppers year after year. In the past, KSG’s students have performed exceptionally well in all the GS papers. Some of our classroom students like- Rachit Raj (Rank 3 CSE 2013) obtained 394 in GS, the highest marks in GS for that year; Tina Dabi (Rank 1 CSE 2015) obtained 424 in GS which was again the highest marks; Srushti Jayant Deshmukh (Rank 5 CSE 2018) obtained 470 in GS which has been the highest marks obtained in GS so far.

By looking at the previous year's results that coaching produces you can take a call on which institute would be best for you to join and where you can be assured that your future is in right hands.