Integrated Test Series

Know More About Integrated Test Series

KSG is back with its integrated test series with a bigger approach. Of course, gaining a lot of information about your subjects is important but along with that, a proper and smart strategy is equally needed. To strengthen the preparation of IAS students, KSG has thought to launch the UPSC Integrated Test Series consisting of both the Prelims and Mains exam.

What is Integrated Test Series At KSG?

Technically in UPSC exams, prelims and mains are interrelated with each other and that’s the reason that KSG comes with IAS Integrated test series, where students can prepare for both the prelims and Mains, undertaking a single test series. 

There are many types of questions or topics which are commonly asked in prelims as well as mains. If we study the trend of a few past years, observations have revealed that inter-relation between prelims and mains have increased a lot. So, KSG emphasizes on taking the UPSC integrated test series rather than considering them individual level wise.                                                                                                                                         

For example, if a student is studying the topic of polity for the prelims level, he should also understand how the topic is covered in the mains level exam and how an integrated preparation test series helps in the overall preparation of UPSC exams.

Different Parts of KSG’s UPSC Integrated Test Series

KSG’s IAS integrated test series is very precise that focuses on the one-goal of cracking UPSC exam rather than providing irrelevant and unnecessary material to the aspirants. Unlike other test series, KSG not just focuses on asking a variety of questions but also tries to develop an understanding to relate the questions with other inter-related topics. There are two elements of the IAS integrated test series viz., Pre-Test series and the Mains Test Series. It keeps the study material simple and easy to learn.

Pre-Test Series

For any subject or topic, the aspirant first should go through PT series and then cover the main series. Students can fine-tune their preparation and hold a competitive edge over other aspirants. The X-factor test series of KSG is the highly preferred product among UPSC aspirants due to its easy interpretations and contextual question bank. This is the reason, that the ratio of pass out students from KSG always remains high. 

The institute focuses on content because they believe that “Content is like water”. All the questions added in the PT series are based on in-depth research and include X-factors like figures, reports, facts, etc. PT helps them to make the blend of practice and reading and then students can analyze actual results of their complete preparation.

Mains Test Series

In this element, the Main test series, questions are so added that they are inter-related with PT series. This is designed in such a way that students would be able to relate the questions and can make a difference in the writing style of both the elements. This helps students in correcting their mistakes and understanding the practical aspects of the examination. All the subjects and topics are based on past examination pattern and deep down research by KSG’s faculty team.

How To Join KSG’s UPSC Integrated Test Series?

To join the KSG’s integrated test series, you need to enroll for the series. There are two easy ways for enrollment i.e. online and offline. In the online mode, you can visit the official website of KSG i.e. For offline registration, you may call on the no 9667779058. KSG has its registered branches in the various cities of India including Delhi, Jaipur, Patna, Bhopal, Indore, and Bengaluru. To locate any of these offices, you can visit the above-mentioned website.

Why You Should Choose KSG’s IAS Integrated Test Series?

KSG’s X-Factor integrated test series has many benefits because it focuses on both the levels of UPSC exams, i.e. prelims and mains. There are topics which are the part of prelims as well as mains. KSG’s UPSC integrated test series prepares you from both the prelims point of view and for writing mains paper with more accuracy. So, let’s take a look at the benefits you can avail after taking KSG’s UPSC integrated test series.

Benefits of Joining Mock Tests (Prelims And Mains) At KSG –

  • What makes KSG different from others is its trend analysis approach. KSG keeps on analyzing the trend and it’s a very significant outcome from one of its recent analyses that out of 100 questions in prelims, 69 questions had been covered by KSG’s integrated test series.

    The same goes for mains. Over 55% of questions in all the 4 GS papers had been covered in KSG’s mains test series.

  • Candidates will get over the fear of examination. Overcoming fear is very important else it may affect the performance of the student in the examination. This fear is natural but students can get rid of the fear by practicing the KSG’s X-factor test series.
  • This X-factor test series helps the UPSC aspirants to get accustomed to the conditions and pressure of facing the examination.
  • Before sitting in the actual examination, students can self-analyze and test their preparation. They will also get some time to correct the mistakes committed in the test series. So, for making the best strategy for the final exams, students will come to know about their strengths and weaknesses.
  • KSG emphasizes identifying the key point in the questions because in the IAS exam answering correctly & to the point is more important than writing lengthy answers. KSG teaches its students to do better.
  • KSG will not just hand over the questions to the students. They also give proper mentorship to students for correcting their mistakes, guidelines to write perfect answers, and all-around assistance. KSG has a dedicated team of teachers and faculties to resolve the student’s doubts and assist them. They are available round the clock for helping the students.
  • It is a well-known fact that one can never judge the pattern of the exam or make predictions about it. But this integrated test series will develop a skill to deal with the uncertain nature of UPSC exams.
  • After taking the integrated test series at KSG, students feel more confident and can better handle anxiety and unpredictable circumstances.
  • At KSG, every student after taking the UPSC integrated test series will be given an All India Rank (AIR). This gives students the idea, that where they stand in the cut-throat competition of USPC exams.

Testing your preparation through these valuable IAS integrated test series is the best way you can check whether you are moving in the right direction or not. So, we would suggest to get started with the test series early and boost up the level of your confidence.