Tricks to solve any objective questions in IAS Prelims Exam

Tricks to solve any objective questions in IAS Prelims Exam 

Before suggesting tips and tricks get through the Prelims exam make it a point that prelim is a tough nut to crack. Clearing Prelims is a step ahead of your dream. Studies say only 2-3 percent of students are only able to clear prelims. Here aspirants need to work hard in order to clear prelims. In the Prelims exam, you will find Multiple Choice Questions which makes it tricky and most importantly students have to focus on facts and thorough the topic. Multiple choice questions demand a logical approach and proper knowledge base be answered. One most important thing about Multiple choice questions pattern is that there is negative marking and because of which you could lose marks. There are chances that even if you are confident enough you may get confused between the options of the questions. Here you will find tips and tricks to solve objective questions in Prelims exam. 

1. Take Mock Tests:

Test your timings in mock tests. Take mock tests as many times as you can before you appear for the final exam. Mock tests include solving previous year questions. By this, you will get to know about your timings. Make targets like 30 minutes for 25 questions, 60 minutes for 55 questions, 110 minutes for 100 questions. By this, you will be saved by last-minute stress and will make you more efficient.

2. Guessing with Knowledge:

Multiple choice questions are all about eliminating wrong options. Guessing games may give you the right answer but only if you have previous knowledge about the topic from where this question is asked. Guessing games can only be fruitful when you have preexisting knowledge. Before attempting the question just rewind the sample tests you have taken. You may find a clue about the question and that will help you answer the question correctly. Just try to increase your knowledge base every way possible.

3. Read the Question Carefully:

This is a simple trick that the question sometimes may have a link to the correct option. Guessing gives you a 50/50 chance to answer a question. Reading the question carefully can lead you to the right option. Though it is not applicable to every question many times it can give you the right picture and correct answer. It is a trick for multiple-choice questions though make sure that you actually know the topic.

4. Don’t Ignore the Options All of These and None of These:

Many times students ignore all of these and none of these as answer but this is misleading. All of these and none of these can also be the answer. As you are attempting India’s toughest of all exams so make sure that no stone is unturned. Never assume that all of these and none of these cannot be answers. Instead, fully solve the question and then answer. In case of doubt, you have other methods to follow.

5. Follow Key Words:

Always follow the key words. Most of the time you can find an answer in the question itself. Check each option and link it with the question with minute details. This is the trick to find the most appropriate option. 

These tricks will lead you to the way of solving objective questions in Prelims but there are few facts that candidates must know before appearing for the exams:

  • BE careful while opting for the answer as there is provision of negative marking. So choose your option only if you are 100% sure.
  • Always finish your test in the given time. Manage your time between reading the questions and answering them. Don’t waste your time reading questions only.
  • Each question carries equal marks so each question is compulsory and needs to be answered.
  • It is your hard work of one year, utilize the exam hour fully and concentrate