IAS Interview: 20 Golden Tips to Crack IAS Interview

While the academic program of KSG is quite simple and easy, the faculties of Khan Study Group and the director himself Dr. Khan, advised 20 golden IAS interview tips. Adopting these tips, the chances of clearing the UPSC interview even for an average student will increase, for sure. These tips help a lot in IAS interview preparation.

20 Golden IAS Interview Preparation Tips That You Must Follow

How to prepare for the UPSC interview? This is the first question that comes in the mind of every student who has successfully cleared the mains exam and now is looking for some good civil service interview tips. The interview is the last and most important level to decide your destiny. Hence, UPSC students have to put extra efforts to break into Indian Administrative Services. We’re sure; UPSC interview tips given hereafter will take away all your worries.

1. Don’t Delay in Starting Preparation

You must’ve heard, “Student’s time is money”. It’s advisable as soon as you get over with the Mains exam, UPSC students should start preparing for the interview. Don’t wait for the mains result. Be optimistic and start early. You can start by working on your personality and polishing your communication skills.

2. Start Knowing About Yourself

This might sound strange but that’s very important if you’re expecting an IAS interview near. It’s observed among the basic human nature, that we take ourselves for granted and don’t know much about ourselves. Try to explore diversified sides of you and self evaluate your personality. This will be of great help to you in answering about yourself when the interview panel asks you, “Tell us something about yourself”.

3. Go Through DAF (Detailed Application Form)

It mostly happens that interview questions are asked from your DAF and the information you filled in DAF. To avoid fumbling during the interview, it is best suggested to read your DAF multiple times to avoid mismatching of facts like your hobbies or the years of work experience.

4. Stay Positive

Emit positive vibes and sound energetic. Don’t believe in any negative rumors you heard before the interview. Stay refreshed, positive, and optimistic.

5. Don’t Be Overconfident

Overconfidence kills your knowledge and turns your behavior arrogant. Never be overconfident because you never know when your luck ditches you. UPSC interview is not at all easy but you can make it up with confidence and a positive attitude. Be attentive while they are asking the question.

6. Remember! Honesty is the Best Policy

In order to impress the interview board, don’t lie. Be honest and speak the truth only. Remember, that interview board is experienced and is more knowledgeable than you. They can easily catch you telling lie.

7. Work On Your Communication Skills

Having excellent command over your communication skills can fetch some extra scores in your kitty. Improve your language, gesture, posture, and the way you put your perspective to the panel. All this matters a lot.

8. Read Newspapers

Don’t stop reading news and watching the news channel because it’s very crucial to get updated about the current scenario. Most of the questions in the UPSC interview are based on the current happenings in the country and abroad.

9. Know Everything About What You have Written as Hobbies

Usually, students just mention the hobbies to fill the column but don’t know much about them. Know everything about the activities which you have mentioned as your hobbies otherwise the situation will be creepy. Say, if you’ve mentioned that you like to dance, you should know the history of dance, dance forms national and international, etc.

10. Don’t Take Optional Subjects For Granted

Most of the students don’t pay attention to the preparation of optional subjects. From the interview point of view as well, optional subjects are important. This is the favorite area of the interview board. So, don’t take it for granted and prepare them with equal attention.

11. Gain Full Knowledge of Your City & State

Since UPSC is all about administration, IAS interview preparation can’t be complete without knowing about the geographical and other information of your country, particularly about the state and city in which you live. Get ready with all the full history of your city and state in all aspects.

12. Don’t Hesitate & Keep Calm

Don’t fumble and rush to speak in nervousness. Take a deep breath whenever you feel nervous and try to stay calm. Sometimes, it may happen that a student might don’t know the answer, don’t try to make stories. Deny cheerfully if really don’t know the answer with an apology.

13. Never Put Your Morals Aside

Many times the interview board tries to confuse the students and put such situations where you’ve to compromise with your moral values. Remember, this is given for testing the firmness to your decisions and values, never compromise with them.

14. Your Body Language Speaks

What you’re saying must be coordinated and aligned with your body language, gesture and posture else you won’t be able to convey what you’re up to.

15. Apply Common Sense

Sometimes the thing is not that big what we made it. The same thing happens during the UPSC interview. Students out of nervousness and fear of facing the interview, answer wrong even to the most basic and simple questions. Always apply your common sense.

16. Dress Code is Very Important

Dressing reveals your personality and is very effective to fall a good first impression of yours on the panel of experts taking interview. Dress formally; avoid wearing useless accessories and wear iron clothes. Dress neat and clean.

17. Bring All Your Documents

Reaching for giving interview empty-handed is the most foolish thing you can ever do. Bring all your documents, certificates, ID cards with you at the venue.

18. Rehearsal in Front of The Mirror

To get rid of the nervousness and hesitation, it’s a good and effective idea to rehearse in front of the mirror. You can answer some basic questions like ‘What is your name?’, and ‘Where do you hail from?’etc. This helps you to sound confident on the day of the actual interview.

19. Do Not Pretend. Be Yourself

Just for impressing the interview panel, don’t pretend like others or like an ideal student. In IAS interview preparation, most of the coaching classes suggest you pretend as a very good administer with saying yes to unrealistic thoughts. Never do that. Speak the truth about you and don’t give any fake information which is not at all correct.

20. Don’t Be Frightened By Rumours

Don’t believe in rumors and set an image of interviewers or myths about the interview. This might distract you from the IAS interview preparation. Face the interview with positive thoughts and keep optimistic behavior. This boosts up your confidence.