Is Coaching Mandatory for Cracking Civil Services Exam

Is Coaching Mandatory for Cracking Civil Services Exam

Impossible is a myth. Cracking the civil service exam is not that difficult as the hype is created for it. Any average intellectual person can clear this exam easily. But there is a catch here. Yes, clearing UPSC exams is not impossible but to crack it, it is very important to put all your efforts in the right way. Otherwise, direction-less efforts go in vain. 

Experts and IAS faculties believe that it is wise to take coachings for IAS exams as it helps in channelizing your efforts in the right way. Especially for those UPSC aspirants who are going to appear in these exams for the first time, they must take coachings because it helps them to get the right start. 

Let’s understand the importance of coaching for cracking civil service exams with points given below. But before that, comparing the two scenarios, taking coachings and not taking coachings is a must. 

Taking coachings For Cracking Civil Services Exam Vs Not Taking coachings For Cracking Civil Services Exam 


Basis of Difference

Taking coachings For Cracking Civil Services Exam

Not Taking coachings For Cracking Civil Services Exam


Duration for the Preparation of Complete Syllabus

Coaching classes take less duration due to proper guidance and schedule of studies

Without coaching classes, aspirants may take more time due to directionless planning


Gaining from others experience

Taking coachings is good for gaining lessons from past experiences

Without taking coachings the scope of preparation is very limited


Expert’s Perspective

If you take coachings for the preparation of civil services, you get to know the perspective of experts  

Unlike the other, preparing for civil services by self through YouTube or books will only give interpretations


Money factor

Yes, for taking coachings, money matters. However, there are many coachings like KSG that offers best classes at affordable prices

Self coachings can save your money but money doesn’t matter if you really wish to crack the prestigious civil exam.


Opportunity to participate in Mock test series

All coaching classes organize mock test series for the purpose of practice before exams and evaluation of preparation

If you choose to do self-study, you can be deprived of participating in mock test series.


Preparing Short Notes

By taking coachings, students may get help in making short notes for final and quick revision.

Doing self-studies and making short notes is although not impractical but yeah! It can’t be as effective as that made at coachings.



Coaching classes keep you updated with any change in the syllabus or exam pattern

If you choose to prepare by self for UPSC exams, you probably miss timely updates about the change in syllabus or exam pattern or trend.


Networking with fellow students

Coaching classes give you the chance to connect with the fellow students. Networking helps a lot to exchange ideas and knowledge.

By doing self-studies you can’t take advantage of group studies and are deprived of networking benefits.


Conceptual Clarity

Through coachings, the conceptual clarity is better than self-studies

In doing self-studies, conceptual clarity is not attained most of the times.


Getting an idea about the level of Competition

This could be the best advantage of going to coaching classes. Competition pushes you to work hard

You don’t face any competition so you would not be able to push yourself and set any benchmark.

Why Coaching is Important For The Preparation of Civil Service Examination? 

From the above comparison, it is evident that taking coachings is helpful and beneficial for the preparation of civil services. Here are some of the factors to support this statement. 

Imparting Education in the Right Way 

Sometimes what we understand might be different from what we read. For this, it is very important that we get the right guidance. In the lack of proper guidance, what we interpret, we think is correct and that’s why coachings are essential because they impart the education in the right way and right context. 

Keeping Up to Date is Very Much Needed 

Civil service is one of the dynamic examinations among all the exams in India. So, it is very much needed that you have to keep up to date with the recent changes and updates in the syllabus and examination pattern, etc. Usually, every latest change is updated on the official website of the commission but to get them on time and the effect of changes, is only possible when you discuss it. This happens only through discussion in groups for which coachings are the right place to find like-minded people. 

Take Expert’s Suggestions Right From Planning to Preparation to Results 

Coaching institutes are not run by the layman, they are experts in their respective subjects to give you the proper guidance and right suggestions. Studying in isolation, you can just save your money but for better and complete preparation of civil services, taking coachings is must. You can plan and prepare with the help of mentors who are experienced in what they are doing for years. For this, an institute has conducted a research-based study and revealed that the chances of cracking the civil service exam are greater if students take proper guidance and coachings comparatively to those students who studied on their own. 


Civil service examination is not an easy exam that you can crack studying a few hours on your own in the comfort of your home. This is the exam where students have to develop their overall personality and prepare themselves for the designation that deserves the highest level of expertise and wisdom. This can’t be developed in isolation at home. Students have to step out of their home and go to coachings to conceptually, mentally, and physically prepare themselves for this competitive exam. So the verdict is clear, yes, coachings are very important for cracking civil services exam although there is no provision legally or officially. Meaning that though it is not mandatory, yet it is suggestive.