2019-20 - AIR 0062 Avadh Singhal

Avadh Singhal, AIR 62, UPSC CSE 2019-20

Hello everyone, This is AVADH SINGHAL. I have secured rank 62 in CSE 2019.

This was my first attempt. I engaged with KSG for interview mocks and found the engagement very fulfilling. Firstly, the board of senior members which helped me improve my interview skills.

Secondly, KSG provides a set of 200 questions based on your DAF which helped me embellishing my interview preparation too. And thirdly, KSG YOUTUBE CHANNEL has E-MOCKS wherein there are about 10 videos of 10 minutes and one can use these videos to self access the length of one answer.

I would like to thank the KSG team for providing all the resources free of cost and also recommend taking these mocks to future aspirants.