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Today's Headlines - 30 March 2024

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India's rapidly expanding Gig economy

GS Paper III

News Excerpt:

India's gig and platform economy, currently comprising 8 million workers, is set to burgeon to 23.5 million by 2029-30 (NITI Aayog, 2022). A 2023 study by FICCI and Randstad India shows that 42.24% of startups in India are increasingly hiring temporary and gig workers.

The 16th Finance Commission faces some daunting challenges

GS Paper II

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The 16th Finance Commission is currently facing significant challenges as it proceeds with its deliberations.

And just so, we age gracefully

GS Paper I

News Excerpt:

India's population will increase for at least a few more decades. In fact, projections suggest that it won't level off and then decline till at least the middle of this century, if not later.

Ukraine pitches for Indian participation in Swiss peace conference

GS Paper II

News Excerpt:

During his visit to New Delhi, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba expressed the hope that India will join a peace summit hosted by Switzerland and also play a role in bringing Russia to the table.

Also in News

Canada’s Niagara region declares a state of emergency out of caution ahead of rare Solar Eclipse

News Excerpt:

Canada's Niagara region has declared a state of emergency ahead of a rare total solar eclipse on April 8 that is expected to gather massive crowds to areas in and around the region's popular waterfalls.

USA, EU criticises Russia for veto to end U.N. sanctions monitoring of North Korea

News Excerpt:

Russia is facing a mounting backlash after using its veto power to effectively end official U.N. monitoring of sanctions on North Korea amid a probe into alleged arms transfers between Moscow and Pyongyang.

Atomic clocks to ring in one-nation, one-time

News Excerpt:

India is deploying atomic clocks across the country to ensure that the time shown in our digital watches, smartphones, and laptops is truly based on Indian Standard Time (IST).

Good Friday

News Excerpt: 

Good Friday, significant for Christians, marks Jesus' crucifixion at Calvary. In 2024, it falls on March 29, two days before Easter.


News Excerpt: 

The second edition of India-Mozambique-Tanzania Trilateral Exercise concluded at Nacala, Mozambique on 28 Mar 24.

India to offer price forecasting mechanism to neighbouring countries

News Excerpt:

India is willing to offer its South Asian neighbours an artificial intelligence (AI)-based mechanism to predict prices of essential food commodities, a technology that has helped India tame food inflation.