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Today's Headlines - 21 May 2024

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India’s ties with Iran: After Ebrahim Raisi

GS Paper II

News Excerpt:

The death of the Iranian President has significant implications for India and the wider region.

News in brief

 Pig Butchering Scam

News Excerpt:

Authorities in the US charged two Chinese nationals, in a $73 million cryptocurrency scam known as pig butchering.

CISF takes over the Parliamentary Security from PSS

News Excerpt :

Recently CISG took over the security of most of the parts of parliament from the erstwhile Parliamentary Security Service.

Venus water mystery

News Excerpt: 

More than four billion years ago, Venus had enough water to cover its surface with an ocean 3 km deep. Today, the planet only has enough for this ocean to be 3 cm deep.

Meitei Sagol: Saving the Manipuri Pony

News Excerpt:

The Government of Manipur has recently collaborated with various organisations and associations to prevent the disappearance of the Manipuri Pony, also known as Meitei Sagol.


News Excerpt:

In a paper published in Nature Astronomy, the discovery of a new Earth-like exoplanet named SPECULOOS-3b was announced as part of NASA’s SPECULOOS (Search for Planets EClipsing ULtra-cOOl Stars) programme.

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