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Today's Headlines - 19 January 2024

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Guidelines for Registration and Regulation of Coaching Center 2024

GS Paper II

News Excerpt:

The Ministry of Education has issued guidelines for registering and regulating coaching centers.

No farm issues until food stocks issue is resolved: India before WTO talks

GS Paper II & III

News Excerpt: 

Recently, the wealthy nations claim Indian subsidies—in the form of Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for farmers and free food for the poor—breach WTO subsidy thresholds.

 Also in News

Statue of Social Justice

News Excerpt:

The Andhra Pradesh government will unveil the world's tallest statue of BR Ambedkar, standing 206 feet from the ground in Vijayavada, and it will be called the ‘Statue of Social Justice’.

PM to visit multiple temples in TamilNadu

News Excerpt:

The PM of India will visit various significant temples in Tamil Nadu.

How satellites track the weather

News Excerpt:

The Kalpana 1 and INSATs 3A, 3D, and 3DR satellites have bolstered India’s weather monitoring and warning services.

Informal workers’ vulnerability risks are passed on to their children: OECD

News Excerpt:

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released a report titled “Breaking the vicious circles of informal employment and low-paying work”.

Scientists Discover 4 New Species of Deep-Sea Octopus

News Excerpt:

A team of scientists explored the depths of the seafloor off the coast of Costa Rica and discovered 4 new species of Deep-Sea Octopus, they have been temporarily named as “Dorado octopus.”

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