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Today's Headlines - 18 November 2023

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CARA, India’s Adoption Regulation Body

GS Paper II

News Excerpt:

India's adoption system faces a significant delay, with nearly 30,000 prospective parents waiting for an average of three years to adopt a child, resulting in only 10% of orphaned children being adopted annually, prompting the Supreme Court to question the issue.

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Card-on-File Tokenisation (CoFT)

News excerpt:

A survey by Visa found that RBI's Card-on-File Tokenisation (CoFT) in India, initiated in 2021, has seen widespread success, enhancing security and transforming digital payments.

World Bank’s Worldwide governance indicators

News Excerpt:

Recently, India’s Chief economic advisor has highlighted concerns over using the World Bank’s Worldwide Governance Indicators in rating assessment by credit rating agencies, especially for emerging economies. And stated that now it is needed for the World Governance Index to be more transparent and less subjective.

World's 1st Sperm Whale Reserve

News Excerpt:

Dominica creates the world's first marine reserve for sperm whales, safeguarding a unique population and their vital role in fighting climate change.

Supervolcano Megabeds

News Excerpt:

At the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, scientists have found "megabeds" from ancient volcanic eruptions.

Fractal Dimension

News excerpt:

Physicists use fractal geometry to study quantum systems in dimensions like 1.55 or 1.58 or anything between 1D and 2D.

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