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Today's Headlines - 12 May 2024

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ISRO successfully tests 3D-printed rocket engine

News Excerpt: 

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)  achieved a major milestone with the successful hot testing of a liquid rocket engine manufactured through Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology — commonly known as 3D printing for a duration of 665 seconds. The engine used is the PS4 engine of PSLV upper stage.

Bird flu cases in US cows

News Excerpt:

The U.S. FDA has said that in a nationally representative commercial milk sampling study of pasteurised milk, about one in five of the retail samples tested positive for bird flu viral fragments.

What are the rules on contesting Lok Sabha elections?

News Excerpt:

How many seats can a candidate contest? When were the guidelines amended? And other qualifications for the election to a Lok Sabha seat are discussed in this article.

Encroachments, land diversions threaten Delhi Ridge, the capital’s green lungs

News Excerpt: 

The Delhi Ridge, a vital ecological and geographical feature, stands at a critical juncture marred by a myriad of challenges.

Scientists discover new molecule that can trap greenhouse gases

News Excerpt:

A new type of porous material that can store carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases has been developed by a team of scientists from the UK and China.

Sahitya Akademi Fellowship

News Excerpt:

Eminent English author Ruskin Bond was awarded the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Fellowship.

Exercise “Shakti”

News Excerpt:

The 7th edition of the joint military exercise “Shakti” between India and France is scheduled to commence on May 13 at the Umroi-based joint training node in Meghalaya.

Oleander leaves - Poisoning

News Excerpt:

Kerala has banned the oleander flowers in temple offerings.

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