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Today's Headlines - 06 May 2024

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Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)

GS Paper III

News Excerpt:

India remains the only major economy to not yet investigate the potentially abusive licensing practices of technology companies that own SEPs.

News in brief

 DURGA-2 Laser Weapon System

News Excerpt:

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is reported to be testing a prototype of its DURGA-2 (Directionally Unrestricted Ray Gun Array) system.

New Covid variant FLiRT

News Excerpt:

FLiRT, a group of new Covid-19 variants belonging to Omicron's JN.1 lineage, is spreading fast in the US, raising concern about a new wave of infections in summer.

World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings 2024--Liveable Planet Fund

News Excerpt:

The Spring meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) held last week, but not without sparking key debates. Amid the world’s “polycrisis” of increased poverty, food shortages, energy shocks, debt crises, climate change, inflation, and war, the discussions revolved around reforming the global financial architecture.

Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) Technology

News Excerpt:

A massive Rs 60,000 crore contract to modernize the Indian Navy submarine fleet to build six stealth submarines equipped with Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) technology.

Hurler Syndrome

News Excerpt: 

A treatment protocol that combines autologous stem cell transplants with gene therapy shows signs of correcting skeletal deformities in eight children with Hurler syndrome, a rare disease that stunts skeletal system growth.

Catatumbo lightning: a torrent of current- Lake Maracaibo

News Excerpt:

Catatumbo lightning is a mesmerising natural phenomenon that occurs over the Catatumbo River in Venezuela.

Amygdala and  the ‘Us versus them’ bias

News Excerpt:

In a study, psychologists have explored how people subconsciously evaluate different racial groups and found stark differences in participants’ explicit statements from their implicit beliefs.

Leprosy passed between mediaeval squirrels and humans

News Excerpt:

Evidence from archaeological sites in the mediaeval English city of Winchester shows that English red squirrels once served as an important host for Leprosy bacteria.

GOLDENE: A sheet of gold that is only one atom thick

News Excerpt: 

Researchers have created a free-standing sheet of gold that is only one atom thick. This makes gold the first metal to be formulated into (freestanding) 2D sheets opening up a host of exciting possibilities for the future.

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