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Today's Headlines - 06 March 2024

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Status of Healthcare in North India

GS Paper II

News Excerpt:

Recently, a study done by researchers about the healthcare centers in 5 North Indian States showed a pattern of improving quality and utilisation over time but the nature of progress is largely cosmetic and the pace is slow.

UN warns of climate impact on women-run households, farms in poor nations

GS Paper III

News excerpt:

Recently, the United Nations warned that Women who run farms and rural households in poor countries suffer more from climate change and are discriminated against as they try to adapt to other sources of income in times of crises.

Challenges: Illegal aquaculture farming

GS Paper II & III

News Excerpt:

Recently, the Madras High Court, recognising that illegal aquaculture farms were causing damage to agricultural activities and the environment, ordered the closure of all illegal aquaculture farms in the state of Tamil Nadu within six months.

Also in News

Star Dunes 

News Excerpt:

Recently, Scientists unveiled the first in-depth study focused on a star dune in eastern Morocco called Lala Lallia, situated within the Sahara Desert.

Dry Ice

News Excerpt:
Five people started vomiting and complained of cuts on their tongues after eating dry ice being served as a mouth freshener in a restaurant in Gurugram.

China’s Panda Diplomacy

News Excerpt:

The China Wildlife Conservation Authority has signed cooperation agreements to loan a pair of giant pandas to San Diego (USA) and Madrid (Spain). It is also in talks with zoos in Washington D.C. and Vienna, Austria.

Arctic sea could be ‘ice-free’ by the 2030s

News Excerpt:

A new study by scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder has warned that the Arctic Ocean sea ice is melting at an even faster pace than previously thought — and the region could experience its first ice-free conditions sometime before the 2030s.

MethaneSAT: Satellite launched to track down leaks of potent greenhouse gas

News Excerpt:

A new satellite, MethaneSAT, backed by Google, was launched on a SpaceX Falcon9 rocket to track and measure methane emissions at a global scale.

World Bank’s Legal Gender Gap Index

News Excerpt: 

In the latest edition of the Women, Business and Law index, India holds the 113th position out of 190 countries, reflecting its legal gender gap(Impact of Laws & Regulations on Economic opportunity of womens) in the workplace.