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Today's Headlines - 04 February 2024

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Reducing ammonia emissions through fertilizer management

GS Paper III

News Excerpt: 

With the help of machine learning, researchers have come up with detailed estimates of ammonia emissions from rice, wheat, and maize crops.

PETA wants to ban two age-old Assamese traditions

GS Paper II & III

News Excerpt: 

Recently, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has filed a lawsuit against the practices of buffalo and bulbul fighting in the Gauhati High Court.

Also in News

India-made typhoid vaccine efficacy lasts for 4 years: study

News Excerpt:

A phase-3 trial in children aged between nine months and 12 years carried out in Malawi, Africa, which is a typhoid fever-endemic setting, has shown that the efficacy of the Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech’s conjugate typhoid toxoid vaccine - Typbar - lasts for at least four years.

Dusted Apollo sighted for the first time in Himachal’s Chamba

News Excerpt:

Dusted Apollo (Parnassius stenosemus), a rare high-altitude butterfly, has been sighted and photographed for the first time in Himachal Pradesh, indicating the flourishing diversity of Apollo butterflies in the region.

India’s contribution to UN Regular Budget

News Excerpt:
India has contributed USD 32.895 million to the United Nations Regular Budget for 2024, joining the "honour roll" of 36 Member States who have paid their regular budget dues in full to the UN on time.

Study on Large herbivores’ effects on ecosystems

News Excerpt:

The effect of large herbivores on plant abundance and diversity depends more on their size and diet than whether they are native or introduced into their host ecosystems, as per a meta-analysis of over 200 studies.

Manipur’s age-old Subika paintings

News Excerpt: 

The Subika painting style is intricately linked to the Meitei community’s cultural history through its six surviving manuscripts. Awareness about this unique art form has dwindled over the years, and it is on the brink of extinction due to neglect.

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