Today's Headlines

Today's Headlines - 02 February 2024

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Interim Budget 2024

GS Paper III

News Excerpt: Ahead of the 2024 general elections, the government presented its interim budget on February 1. 

Bilateral Investment Treaty with UAE

GS Paper II

News Excerpt: 

The Union Cabinet has approved an investment treaty with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that will significantly boost bilateral economic engagement.

BRICS Expansion: 5 new members join the group

GS Paper III

News Excerpt: 

Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have confirmed they are joining the BRICS bloc after being invited last year to Johannesburg in the BRICS 2023 summit.

Also in News

Blue Tongue Disease

News Excerpt: 

China has banned the direct and indirect import of ruminants and its related products from Iraq due to an outbreak of bluetongue disease.

Rich in fungi soil could benefit green roofs: Study

News Excerpt:

A study sought to establish whether regulating green roof soil bacteria may improve healthy urban soil growth, a methodology that could be used to increase climate resilience in cities.

Kenya discovers first deposits of coltan

News Excerpt: 

Kenya has confirmed the discovery of its first coltan deposits, a valuable mineral integral to the production of various electronic devices.

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