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Today's Headlines - 02 April 2024

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RBI at 90: Snapshots from history

GS Paper III

News Excerpt:

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which was established on April 1, 1935, is responsible for monetary stability, currency management, inflation targeting, regulating the banking system, and setting interest rates.

Why the Supreme Court barred unregulated soil extraction for linear projects

GS Paper II & III

News Excerpt:

The Supreme Court has set aside a notification issued by the Environment Ministry three years ago that exempted extraction of ordinary earth for linear projects, such as road and railways construction, from obtaining Environmental Clearance (EC).

Also in News

Snow leopards ‘indicator species’

News Excerpt:

According to conservationists, the snow leopard is an “indicator species”.

Havana syndrome

News Excerpt:

A mysterious illness that has affected US diplomats in recent years has been linked to a Russian intelligence unit. The Kremlin recently dismissed a joint media investigation which found evidence that a Russian military intelligence unit might be responsible for the mysterious health condition known as ‘Havana syndrome’ that affected US diplomats and spies across the world.

New species of Cicada discovered in Meghalaya

News Excerpt: 

Scientists have uncovered a dazzling new cicada species known colloquially as “Butterfly Cicadas” from Meghalaya.

Odisha Day (Utkala Dibasa)

News Excerpt: 

The state of Odisha (formerly Orissa) came into existence on April 1, 1936 with the bifurcation of the erstwhile Bihar and Orissa Province, and inclusion of a couple of districts from the Madras Presidency.

125 years of Kodaikanal Solar Observatory

News Excerpt:

Tamil Nadu based Kodaikanal Solar Observatory (KoSO) is celebrating 125 years of groundbreaking research contributing significantly to the global scientific community.

Presence of ozone Jupiter’s moon Callisto

News Excerpt: 

Strong evidence of ozone's presence on Jupiter's moon Callisto has been found by a team of scientists.

Swell waves inundate coastal areas in Kerala 

News Excerpt:

Swell waves have inundated coastal areas in central and southern Kerala, giving anxious moments to coastal communities and prompting district-level disaster management machinery to be in alert mode.