Today's Editorial

Today's Editorial - 28 September 2023

New treatment for brain cancer

Source: By The Economic Times

A groundbreaking development in cancer treatment offers newfound hope for millions, as scientists harness electrically charged nanoparticles to combat aggressive brain cancer cells. This promising advancement in medical science could revolutionize cancer therapy, bringing optimism to countless individuals.

Nano-Particles: A Novel Approach to Cancer Treatment

Leading experts have pioneered nanoparticles capable of inducing self-destruction, or apoptosis, in glioblastoma cells. Remarkably, this revolutionary technique spares healthy cells within cancer patients. Termed "quantum biology," this innovative approach is in its infancy, but researchers in Nottingham are optimistic about its potential to reshape cancer treatment.

In a report published in Nature Nanotechnology, scientists stated, "We are entering an era where it has been realized that bioelectricity, defined as the electrical language of cells, programs cell function. The cell is increasingly viewed as a mass of bioelectrical interconnected circuits that use an endogenous current generated by electron transfer processes to communicate with each other to maintain homeostasis."

Their research demonstrates that remote electrical input can regulate electron transport among redox molecules, resulting in quantum biological tunneling for electron transfer, thus triggering apoptosis in patient-derived cancer cells in a highly selective manner. Transcriptomics data further confirm that this electric-field-induced bio-nanoantenna targets cancer cells uniquely, offering electrically induced control over molecular signaling.

The Battle Against Brain Cancer

Brain cancer remains a formidable adversary, with approximately 12,000 new brain tumor cases reported in the UK annually, equating to approximately 34 new cases daily. These tumors often exhibit rapid growth and resistance to existing treatments, necessitating innovative approaches like quantum biology.

The report elaborates,"Based on the obtained data, we infer that the electron transfer in the bio-nano antenna occurs through EF-induced quantum tunneling and is thus QBET, with the applied frequency, potential, and linker length playing a critical role."

Moreover, transcriptomics reveals the specific targeting of electrical-molecular communication within cancer cells, presenting a wireless electrical-molecular communication tool that facilitates cancer cell elimination.

A Brave Young Patient's Story

Recently, a heart-wrenching story emerged of a six-year-old girl named Indeg Glyn Roberts, who initially presented virus-like symptoms and was prescribed Calpol by doctors. However, when her symptoms persisted and she experienced significant weight loss, her parents, Ceri, 42, and Huw, 50, sought further medical attention. A subsequent CT scan delivered a devastating diagnosis: brain cancer.

Indeg underwent a grueling nine-hour brain surgery followed by two months of intensive proton beam therapy. Today, she continues her courageous battle against cancer as a participant in the research trial "The International SIOP Ependymoma II trial" at Liverpool's Alder Hey Children's Hospital. This trial aims to enhance outcomes for patients with ependymoma, exemplifying the tireless efforts to advance cancer treatment.

This groundbreaking research holds the promise of a brighter future for cancer patients, and as quantum biology evolves, it may emerge as a potent weapon in the fight against brain cancer and other relentless diseases, offering renewed hope to millions.

What does a quantum biologist do?

Quantum biology is the scientific discipline dedicated to examining phenomena within living organisms that cannot be precisely explained using classical physics principles. To comprehend these occurrences, quantum theory is employed. It's important to note that all forms of matter, including living matter, are governed by the fundamental laws of physics.

What is Quantum healing therapy?

Quantum healing, sometimes referred to as quantum therapy, can be somewhat challenging to elucidate. It melds concepts from mind-body medicinequantum physicsmeditation, and Eastern medicine to propose that you can rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit by effecting energy changes at the quantum or subatomic level.

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