Zero FIR

News Excerpt:

Punjab Police has recently registered a zero FIR in connection with the death of a protester during the Dilli Chalo protest at the Khanauri border in Haryana.

What is a Zero FIR (First Information Report)?

  • Zero FIR is an FIR that can be filed in any police station, regardless of the place where the crime is committed or the jurisdiction of the police station.
    • After receiving the Zero FIR, the relevant police station registers a fresh FIR and starts the investigation.

What is the purpose of a Zero FIR?

  • The objective of a Zero FIR is to ensure the victim does not have to run from pillar to post to get a police complaint registered. 
  • The provision is meant to provide speedy redressal to the victim so that timely action can be taken after the filing of the FIR.

What is an FIR?

  • The term (FIR) is not defined in the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), 1973, or any other law. Still, in police regulations or rules, information recorded under Section 154 of CrPC is known as the First Information Report (FIR).
  • An FIR is the first step by which the criminal justice system is set into motion, and the police can conduct a detailed investigation. 
  • Generally, an FIR has to be filed in the police station which has jurisdiction over the crime scene. 

Difference between FIR and Zero FIR:

  • The only difference between 'FIR' and 'Zero FIR' is that an FIR is registered where the incident has occurred within the jurisdiction of a particular Police Station, and a zero FIR can be lodged at any Police Station irrespective of where the incident has taken place.

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