News Excerpt:

India has launched 'Operation Indravati' to evacuate its nationals from Haiti to the Dominican Republic.


  • Since the President was assassinated in July 2021, violence has been ongoing in Haiti. 
  • Number of armed groups have coordinated attacks on strategic locations in the country in an effort to pressure the Prime Minister who is currently acting as the de facto leader, into resigning.

Operation Indravati

  • India doesn't have an embassy in Haiti and the situation in the country is being monitored by the Indian mission at Santo Domingo,
  •  the capital of the Dominican Republic.
  • There are between 75 and 90 Indians in Haiti and about 60 of them have registered with Indian authorities to return to India.
  • 12 citizens have been successfully rescued to the Caribbean nation Dominican Republic.

About Haiti: 

  • Located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, Haiti occupies the western one-third of the island of Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic borders Haiti on the eastern side of the island. Haiti’s closest neighbors include Jamaica to the west and Cuba to the northwest.
  • Hayti means "land of the mountains” in the Indigenous, or native, Taíno language. The country’s highest peak, Pic la Selle, is part of the Massif de la Selle range located in southeastern Haiti and reaches nearly 9,000 feet (2,715 meters).

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