News Excerpt:
The ninth edition of the Joint Military exercise “MITRA SHAKTI-2023” was recently conducted between India and Sri Lanka in Aundh Pune, India.


  • It is a bilateral and annual military exercise between the armies of India and Sri Lanka.
  • It fosters strong bilateral relations between the two neighbouring nations.
  • The eighth edition was conducted in Ampara, Sri Lanka, in October 2021.
  • Aim: 
    • To jointly rehearse the conduct of sub-conventional operations under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, which authorises the Security Council to take enforcement measures.
  • Scope:
    • Synergising joint responses during counter-terrorist operations.
    • Practice tactical actions such as raids, search-and-destroy missions, heliborne operations, etc.
    • Army Martial Arts Routine (AMAR), combat reflex shooting and Yoga.

Exercise MITRA SHAKTI – 2023: 

  • It will involve the employment of drones and countermanned aerial systems besides helicopters.
  • Representation:
    • Troops mainly represent the Indian contingent of 120 Maratha Light Infantry Regiment personnel. 
    • The Sri Lankan side is being represented by personnel from the 53 Infantry Division.
    • 15 personnel from the Indian Air Force and five from the Sri Lankan Air Force are also participating in the exercise.
  • Drills to secure helipads and undertake casualty evacuation during counter-terrorist operations will also be rehearsed jointly by both sides.
  • Collective efforts will focus on achieving an enhanced level of interoperability amongst the troops and reducing the risk of life and property while keeping the agenda of the UN at the forefront during peacekeeping operations.
  • Both sides will exchange views and practices of joint drills on a wide spectrum of combat skills.
  • Sharing of best practices will further enhance the level of defence cooperation. 

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