Kochrab Ashram

News Excerpt:

The Prime Minister recently inaugurated the renovated Kochrab Ashram in Ahmedabad, commemorating the 94th anniversary of the Dandi March.

About Kocharab Ashram:

  • Kocharab Ashram was the first ashram founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1915 after coming  to India from South Africa. 
    • It is managed as a memorial and tourist space by the Gujarat Vidyapeeth.
  • This campus was called Satyagraha Ashram based on Gandhi’s ideas of achieving India's independence from British rule through peaceful methods.
  • Gandhi’s friend and fellow barrister Jivanlal Desai gifted him the land at Kocharab to build the Satyagraha Ashram. 
    • Mahatma Gandhi based himself here for about one-and-a-half years before moving to the new campus of Sabarmati Ashram.
    • In June 1917, when plague hit the city, Gandhi shifted the ashram to Sabarmati. 
    • In Sabarmati, he founded the Harijan Ashram also known as the Gandhi ashram.
  • Mahatma Gandhi also started an ‘Antyaj Ratri Shala’ (a night study class) for Dalits at the ashram.
  • Kocharab Ashram is a European-style bungalow with a white-washed facade. 
    • It is located in Kochrab village on the outskirts of Ahmedabad on the banks of the Sabarmati river.
    • Mahatma Gandhi started planning his 'war against the British' in Kochrab Ashram.

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