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Elon Musk sparks controversy by advocating for ketamine use, raising concerns on Wall Street about the potential risks.

About Ketamine

  • Ketamine is an anaesthetic that has been listed as a hallucinogen by the US Drug Enforcement Administration. 
    • It’s referred to as a “dissociative anaesthetic hallucinogen” because it creates a feeling of detachment from pain and the environment.
  • In the US, ketamine was first used as an anaesthetic for animals in the 1960s. 
    • Around a decade later, the US Food and Drug Administration approved it for humans.
  • The drug’s use for treating depression and other mental illnesses is recent. 
    • Owing to its powerful effects, ketamine is consumed by those patients who haven’t responded to traditional therapies. 
    • Ketamine is also used as a recreational drug, popularly known as K or Special K among clubgoers.
  • Ketamine, which doctors can prescribe to alleviate pain and depression, acts as a sedative at higher doses. 
    • However, it also carries risks, including hallucinations and potential overdose leading to unconsciousness and slowed breathing, as per the US Drug Enforcement Administration.
  • Ketamine is often administered in a medical environment, or its close variant, Spravato, is available as a nasal spray specifically for treatment-resistant depression.


  • Mental illness patients usually take ketamine through an IV, nasal spray or tablet once or twice a week for six to eight weeks (some might need it for longer). 
  • When it comes to recreational purposes, it is consumed by snorting a white crystalline powder. 
  • Ketamine can also be injected or smoked.

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