Joint Military Exercise LAMITYE-2024

News Excerpt:

The 10th  edition of joint military exercises between the Indian Army and the Seychelles Defence Forces, fostering enduring friendship and cooperation. 

About LAMITYE-2024:

  • Scheduled from March 18th to 27th, this biennial event signifies the commitment to mutual training and collaboration.
  • Initiated in 2001, "LAMITIYE" derives its name from the Creole word for Friendship, emphasizing the spirit of camaraderie underlying the exercise.
  • The exercise involves 45 personnel each from the esteemed Gorkha Rifles of the Indian Army and the Seychelles Defence Forces, showcasing a commitment to mutual learning and cooperation.
  • "LAMITIYE-2024" prioritizes interoperability in Sub-conventional Operations within Semi-Urban environments, aligning with international standards for Peacekeeping Operations under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter.

Objectives of Exercise LAMITYE-2024

  • Enhancing Cooperation: 
    • The primary goal is to strengthen military relations between India and Seychelles, fostering trust and collaboration between the armed forces of both nations.
  • Improving Operational Efficiency: 
    • Through joint exercises and knowledge exchange, participants aim to enhance their proficiency in addressing contemporary security challenges, particularly in semi-urban settings.

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