Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue 2023 (IPRD-2023)

News Excerpt:

The Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue (IPRD), the Indian Navy's annual international conference, will take place in New Delhi from November 15–17, 2023.


  • The IPRD is the principal manifestation of the Navy’s international engagement at the strategic level, addressing ‘holistic’ maritime security issues across the Indo-Pacific.
  • The National Maritime Foundation (NMF) is the Indian Navy’s knowledge partner and chief organizer of each edition of the IPRD.
  • It aims to review various maritime trends within the Indo-Pacific region, the opportunities and challenges that arise regionally, and to foster the exchange of solution-oriented dialogue among key stakeholders.

Theme of IPRD-2023:

  • The overarching theme of IPRD-2023 is “Geopolitical Impacts upon Indo-Pacific Maritime Trade and Connectivity”.

Key Points of IPRD-2023:

  • IPRD-2023 will explore geopolitical impacts on Indo-Pacific maritime trade and connectivity through six professional sessions spread over three days. The sessions are -
    • Nodes of Maritime Connectivity;
    • China’s Impact vis-à-vis Maritime Connectivity across the Indo-Pacific;
    • Maritime Connectivity through Shipping and Trade;
    • Maritime Connectivity through Shipping and Trade (Part 2);
    • Private Industry in the Safety and Security of Indo-Pacific Maritime Trade and Shipping; 
    • Maintaining a Rules-based, Safe, and Secure Indo-Pacific.

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