India’s 1st Green Hydrogen Plant in Stainless Steel Sector

News Excerpt:

Union Minister of Steel inaugurates India’s 1st Green Hydrogen Plant in Stainless Steel Sector.

About the Project:

  • This state-of-the-art green hydrogen facility is located at Jindal Stainless Limited, Hisar district of Haryana.
    • It will be the world’s first off-grid Green Hydrogen plant for the stainless steel industry and the world’s first Green Hydrogen plant with rooftop & floating solar.
  • It aims to reduce carbon emissions considerably by around 2,700 Metric Tonnes per annum and 54,000 tons of CO2 emissions over the next two decades.

Green hydrogen:

  • It is made by using clean electricity from surplus renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, to electrolyse water.
  • Electrolysers use an electrochemical reaction to split water into its components of hydrogen and oxygen, emitting zero-carbon dioxide in the process.

Other green initiatives of India:

  • Panchamrit (five-fold strategy to fight climate change):
    • India will reach its non-fossil energy capacity of 500 GW by 2030.
    • India will meet 50% of its energy requirements from renewable energy by 2030.
    • India will reduce the total projected carbon emissions by one billion tonnes from now onwards till 2030.
    • By 2030, India will reduce the carbon intensity of its economy by less than 45%.
    • By the year 2070, India will achieve the target of Net Zero.
  • Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment):
    • LiFE puts the individual and collective duty on everyone to live a life that is in tune with Earth and does not harm it.
    • Those who practice such a lifestyle are recognised as Pro Planet People under LiFE.
    • It is an India-led global mass movement towards “mindful and deliberate utilisation, instead of mindless and destructive consumption” to protect and preserve the environment.
  • National Green Hydrogen Mission:
    • Launched last year with an outlay of around ₹20,000 crore to make India a Global Hub for the production, usage and export of Green Hydrogen and its derivatives.
    • The Mission also supports pilot projects in the steel sector with a budget of around ₹500 crore until FY 2029-30.

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