ERNET India’s web portal

News Excerpt:

MeitY launches ERNET India’s web portal for domain registration, DNS and value-added services for educational institutions.


Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) Secretary Shri S Krishnan launched ERNET India’s newly developed integrated web portal for educational institutes in the country, at its head office in Delhi.

What is ERNET?

  • The ERNET (Education and Research Network of India) is a not-for-profit scientific society under MeitY. 
  • Vision: To advance Indian Research and Education by operating and developing world class Networks, Applications and Services.
  • Mission: Provide Network Infrastructure Services and Connectivity addressing the requirements of India’s Research and Education sector facilitating them to become increasingly efficient and effective in their chosen field. 
    • Undertaking cutting edge Research and Development in Networking and its Applications and also development of Human Resources in Networking.
  • It is the exclusive domain registrar for all the education & research institutes having ‘’, ‘’ & ‘’ as domain name.

  • In addition, ERNET India is providing web accessibility service, campus Wi-Fi services, smart classrooms and connectivity through Terrestrial and Satellite based systems to the educational & research institutes in the country. 
  • It is also in the field of establishing data centers.

Significance of ERNET India’s web portal:

  • The portal will offer domain registration, DNS and value-added services viz. Website as a Service (WaaS) and Learning Management as a Service (LMaaS)
  • The users can select from the variety of available templates for schools, colleges, universities as per their requirement and create their own website and Learning Management System (LMS).
  • The user can publish the website and LMS by customizing the template with single click. This web portal has been developed utilizing open-source software and emerging technologies such as AI/ML.

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