C-DOME Naval Area Defense System

News Excerpt:

Israel, for the first time, deployed its ship-mounted defence system, called the C-Dome, against a "suspicious" target that entered the country's airspace.

More about C-Dome:

  • The C-Dome is a naval version of the Iron Dome air defence system used to shield against rocket and missile attacks.
  • It is mounted on Sa’ar 6-class corvettes, German-made warships, and uses the same interceptor as the Iron Dome.
  • C-Dome has three components: 
    • TAMIR interceptors
    • A modular Vertical-Launch Unit (VLU)
    • A Command & Control (C2) component. 
  • C-Dome does not require dedicated radar and uses the ship’s surveillance radar to detect and track threats.
  • It is a highly advanced air defence system that ensures high kill probability against a wide range of targets. 
  • The interceptor of the C-Dome is extremely agile and has a high rate-of-turn, enabling interception of even the most manoeuvrable targets.

Iron Dome air defence system:

  • Iron Dome is a short-range anti-rocket, anti-mortar, and anti-artillery system with an intercept range of 4-70 KMS.
  • It is developed by the Rafael Advanced Defence Systems of Israel.
  • Israel has put Iron Dome’s interception rate at as high as 97%.


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