PSIR Optional is the best choice in UPSC CSE?

PSIR Optional is the best choice in UPSC CSE?

Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) is frequently regarded as one of the most popular optional subjects with the greatest potential for student success. 

PSIR Optional is the best choice in UPSC CSE?

Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) is frequently regarded as one of the most popular optional subjects with the greatest potential for student success. 

For anyone preparing for the civil service exam and hoping to work for the government as a civil servant, political science is one of the most useful and important subjects.

Any candidate for the civil service who wants to work in administration must be well-versed in the foundations of political science and have a keen understanding of the political environment in which they will be operating.

Pros of pursuing PSIR

  • A significant portion of the UPSC Prelims Syllabus deals with Indian politics.
  • In order to save time for other subjects, aspirants who select Political Science and International Relations as their UPSC Mains Optional subject will need to study it concurrently with the prelims. This would enable them to blend their UPSC Preliminary and Mains preparation.
  • It's only partially accurate that political science has a broad range of topics. Many of the issues are covered more than once, that includes Marxism, Marx, Marxist concepts of state, Gramsci, etc.
  • Several issues are closely connected, including Mill, Bentham, and liberal concepts of the state, justice, and democracy.
  • Even if candidates lack a background in political science, this subject is rather non-technical, making it simple for them to understand and study. Anyone who regularly reads the news and has a brief knowledge about current events would be able to comprehend and learn about the subject because the principles are universal.
  • Both Paper 1 and Paper 2 of Political Science and International Relations will cover some specific themes such as Liberalism, Feminism, Ideas of Marxism, Issues of Democracy, Human Rights, the Environment, and so on.
  • Also, a solid understanding of political concepts such as international relations, government, etc. might come in extremely helpful during the initial interview stage.

In addition to the subject, you can list out some of the best coaching institutes that offer the best coaching facilities for the PSIR optional. One such name in the education sector includes:

KSG India

With a special emphasis on contemporary concerns pertinent to the examination, the entire course has been separated into many reasonably independent sections. For pupils studying a syllabus, it conveys a feeling of logical connection and substance. To improve the quality and effectiveness of learning, KSG also makes use of technical pedagogy.

At KSG, for the students to monitor their progress, there is also a provision for regular assignments and periodical tests of the topics covered. Student's ability to write answers is improved through the help of these exams. To help students achieve their highest possible exam scores, emphasis is placed on developing their creative writing skills. To address this, the objective at KSG is to educate students about "tail words" (such as Discuss, Evaluate, Examine, Critically Analyze, Illustrate, Elucidate, Substantiate, etc.) that are frequently requested in the question so that they are aware of the exact requirements of the inquiry.

Also, the top faculty like Madaan sir is present to create wonders with the students throughout the preparational journey. 

Materials including printed notes made by the faculty, the ARC report's main points, important pieces of writing published in a variety of newspapers and journals, assignments, and other pertinent information are available at hands of the students every time. 

All in all, before choosing this particular elective subject, students need to know that:

  1. It is a subject that mainly relies on comprehension. Only a few philosophers and theories need to be pushed in.
  2. An understanding of the topic will provide you with a better understanding of international order, Indian Nationalism, and the ideas and concepts that form the foundation of all governments and states. Given that GS Politics is not very technical, one may readily integrate the topic preparation with GS Polity.
  3. The writing abilities of an individual improve as a result of the topic study, helping his/her to perform exceptionally well in the Mains exam.