गांव से IAS बनने तक का सफर!

गांव से IAS बनने तक का सफर!

My UPSC journey has been for four years now. I passed out in 2018 from my electrical engineering.

गांव से IAS बनने तक का सफर!

My UPSC journey has been for four years now. I passed out in 2018 from my electrical engineering. Soon, I moved to Delhi and I prepared here for nearly two years. This was my third attempt. In the previous attempts also, I reached the interview stage but I could not secure any ranks or services in my earlier attempts. But this time, I have secured AIR India-9 and I will be getting my favorite service. 

How did you change your strategy over each successive attempt?

Last time also, I did good in the GS part. In my optional, I did some silly mistakes in the examination hall itself and my optional was mathematics which cost me heavily. 

This time, I improved on the GS part, and in all my three attempts, I have been improving gradually the GS score as well as in mathematics, particularly this year. There was a huge jump this year. Last time, I scored 254 but this time it was 315. 

In between the pre and mains stage, I devoted more than 60% of my time to maths itself. For it, I did a whole lot of maths test series, etc. In this way, this year's preference, I gave to maths more. That I think helped me to score this time and by god’s grace, in the examination hall also, I did not commit many silly mistakes.

Last time in the interview I scored 132 but this time it was 201 so there is also a huge jump here and this was I would say that for interview score, you should not be extraordinary for scoring high. 

In the interview process, just be yourself- calm, and confident.  Whatever you don't know reply directly that you don't know a particular answer. Don’t try to beat around the bush. That's all I would like to suggest. During the interview, ensure that you are humble and that you are ready to learn from them and the services. So, try to show that you are willing to learn which I think also helped me to score a good score this time.

What message would you like give to someone who has not been able to clear this exam?

This problem has been faced by many of my friends also. They have failed three or four attempts now. So, this is a real concern that one must be feeling demotivated but you can always learn from the toppers who are clearing this exam in their sixth attempt. 

It would be a good idea for you take a pause and analyze your strategies in what you have been lacking. So, I think consulting with someone on the particular issues that you have been facing could really help you. You can take the help of teachers. You can take the help of your friends who have cleared this exam. Just don’t feel demotivated because people have cleared this examination in their sixth attempt too and have secured very good ranks. So, have a positive attitude, use the right approach towards the exam and consult with someone on your weak areas, and don’t give up. 

What role did KSG play in your preparation?

After my last interview when I scored 132 I was really nervous. Even this time too, I was very nervous. So, I had taken the help of the KSG in all my three attempts but particularly in this attempt, I had met Khan sir multiple times regarding improving my personality and errors that I have been committing in the interview stage. So, the help of KSG  in my journey is much for which I really thank Khan sir and KSG for this.

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