Top 15 Tips to Beat Exam Stress: UPSC Civil Services Preparation

Top 15 Tips to Beat Exam Stress: UPSC Civil Services Preparation

Top 15 Tips to Beat Exam Stress : UPSC Civil Services Preparation

While preparing for the Civil Services exam, candidates are at the peak of anxiousness and take a lot of exam-related stress.

Top 15 Tips to Beat Exam Stress: UPSC Civil Services Preparation

Top 15 Tips to Beat Exam Stress : UPSC Civil Services Preparation

While preparing for the Civil Services exam, candidates are at the peak of anxiousness and take a lot of exam-related stress. Most of the test-takers find it hard to overcome their nervousness, as they are going through so many things like covering the entire static syllabus, practicing previous year question papers, keeping a proper track of current affairs, and the list goes on. And the most challenging part is that they have to do all the activities in a limited time period.

Aspirants must have to understand this that taking a lot of stress during IAS preparation time is not good for their mental and physical health. Here are a few quirky tips for candidates to beat stress during the UPSC exam preparation period so that you can sail your boats by passing the IAS exam.

15 Tips to Beat UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation Stress

Qualifying the IAS exam is not an easy task, but now you don’t need to worry, all you need to do is to follow these tips that can help you in managing your exam stress properly.

1 Eat Healthy

Eat well nutritious diet like natural veggies, fruits, and nuts. You must try to keep away from low quality nourishment like junk food and other preservatives. Low quality nourishment is known to be a reason for gloom as well. You should make conscious efforts to eat well nutritious food, whenever you feel hungry.

2 Hello to Yoga

Yoga is the best pressure busters and its training will take you far in your UPSC preparation as well as in your life. There are a few asanas that you can rehearse particularly for pressure like Simhasana and Anjali Mudra. You must meditate and do breathing activities like the Pranayama to feel calm and relaxed.This keeps your mind and body fit and solid.

3 Follow Sound Sleep Formulas

Numerous aspirants believe the fact that UPSC preparation requires less sleeping, as this is considered one of the hardest exams to crack. You have to understand that your body and mind, both need appropriate rest. Have sufficient rest of good 6-7 hours of the day.

4 Make Proper Time Table

Make and follow a timetable and stick to it passionately. Make a calendar for every one of your exercises and execute it sincerely. Most of the time, it has been seen that when in the beginning, one is lose in the readiness,  as the test approaches, pressure on the mind increases.

5 Do Exercises to Keep Your Body Calm and Active

Exercise is the mool mantra that will help you in beating stress and keeping your body fit and healthy. Sitting for extended periods of time in your room covered in books can be wearing. Do regular exercises, as it will increase generation of endorphins in your cerebrum that will make your body energetic.

6 Maintain Normal Breaks

Taking breaks is a significant piece of the preparation of the UPSC test. At the point when you believe you can't take further examinations, don't attempt to endure one more hour of reading. At the point when your mind is worn out and can't take more things inside, it is smarter to take a brief break and unwind. You can expand your proficiency by taking brief breaks in the middle of your tests.

7 Have an Enjoyable Hobby

Having a leisure activity or hobby is an approach to beat pressure. It is understandable that the UPSC syllabus needs a significant long time to cover, yet you have to contemplate it with a new personality. Tune in to music, read a loosening up book, or do some planting.

8 Say No to Distractions

Your mobile and social media life will be the greatest source of distraction for you. Concentrate on your UPSC objective and switch off every single such wellspring of unsettling influence.

9 Turn On the Positive Thinking Mode

The intensity of positive reasoning has been emphasized by numerous holistic mentors. Think upbeat and positive contemplations like, 'I can overcome this' at the point at which you are feeling sad. These contemplations will lift your spirits and make you go.

10 Have Faith in Yourself

If you have doubts and questions alone on your abilities,you can never taste a flavour of success in life.You should keep confidence in yourself and put stock in the way that you are placing endeavors right way like getting study material, getting instructing at whatever point required, having an examination plan and planning carefully.

11 Set Realistic Goals

Set your goals for the exam and prepare well for the exam according to them. Do not push yourself under the dark room of stress and anxiety. Try to solve previous year’s papers as much as possible and make a note for all of them for better understanding.

12 Increase Your Concentration Power

Most of the students have a complaint that they find it hard to concentrate on their studies, due to high anxiety level. Whenever you feel the same, take a deep breath and think about your achievements and goals in life. It is also recommended to the candidates, to set a time-based target for better results.

13 Focus on Concepts

Try to focus on understanding the concepts throughout your preparation. Do not adopt rote learning technique, as it will not help you to beat the stress. Make sure to understand the topics, as it will help you to remember the concepts for a very long period of time.

14 Don’t Think About Results

Many psychologists claim that when candidates make a perception against the exam and thinks about its outcomes, they will never achieve their ultimate goal. So, try and avoid thinking more and more about the IAS exam, just focus and enjoy the preparation time.

15 Try to Avoid Stimulants

IAS aspirants take numerous external stimulants in order to de-stress their anxiety. They can take frequent tea/coffee breaks. It is advisable to the candidates that don’t make these things habitual before the commencement of the exam.

Practice the 15 tips (mentioned-above) to beat stress while you prepare for the IAS exam. Anxiety and stress is destined to occur when you are studying for such a tough national level competitive exam.

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