Hi, today I am going to share with you a secret of successful students. It’s something which I have observed over the years. A lot of successful students when they come to me, there are students when they go out and they are officers and I often sit down and then think about what makes them so special?

This small thing that I am sharing is that we have a WHY. The word W-H-Y is a very powerful instrument. And then it attracts the strongest gravity, I feel, is of WHY. this can operate any direction. It can go any way that it’s wherever you put WHY you get sucked into that. A lot of students come to me saying that I am not performing well, my scores are not good, I am very very low and then I just keep thinking why I am like that? Why I am so negative? Why I am not performing? Why I am not like that? Shall I tell you one thing- it’s just because you keep thinking WHY of the negatives. Why as a positive also pulls, why also pulls as negative. You keep negative and keep reasoning that the why will suck you in. In fact, the secret which I have found in those successful students I am sharing with you now is they always asked me what shall I do? Please move from WHY to WHAT. WHAT is a very POWERFUL instrument. What should I do to come out of it? What should I do to go to this? What should I do to actually achieve? And the day you stop thinking about the NEGATIVES of the WHY. Whenever you know in any condition when you are not happy, never think of the WHY of the negative. Think of WHAT I would do to come out of it? What I should be actually executing? What I should bring about as change? What is that way out? Those whats are actually the answers and sometimes when you get too close to the negative reasoning the WHY sucks. In fact, any WHY that you should be kindling is your positive WHY. Why I want to succeed? Why I want to achieve? But not why I am not achieving? Why I am not doing? Why I am not getting it? That’s not the question. The question is what should I do to come out of it? So, please if you want to be successful remember WHAT is the answer not WHY I am not doing it. Just use WHY only for a positive reason. If you someday were very happy and you did very good. That WHY is important. But then if someday, it was not a good day and you did not perform too well that WHY is not good. You have to look at WHAT whenever you are in negative and I wish that you use the power of WHAT and come out of the negatives of WHY if at all ever it gets in your life. My best wishes are with you. All the best.

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