Test Yourself While Preparing

Test Yourself While Preparing

I am often asked about test series, that how shall we be doing test series? When I should be doing the test series? Well, the importance of test series is something which is often discussed by a lot of students.

It’s very simple. I think test series is VERY important and let me just make it very clear. And if you are going to pass this examination, you should be actually practicing giving the examination. But, a big question comes that when shall we give the test? Quite often students tell me that we should be giving tests only when we are prepared. How can we be tested unless we are prepared? I think, that two things here:
A. Correct. I mean you can’t be tested unless have prepared yourself. But then what to prepare and how to prepare, which direction to prepare, we are all very individuals. You have got specific requirements. Which direction to prepare? I think a test MUST be used in that format. In fact, when you are giving tests, you are getting to know as to what is something which is where I am lacking. In fact, you get to see as to what more I need to add to my preparation? So, testing is actually tasting your food while it is being cooked. So, if there is something missing you can always add that there. Not waiting for the whole dish to be prepared and then you are tasting it. Test yourself. Taste yourself. And then you would get to know as to which direction I have to move. Another thing, quite often when we take a test series, we think that they have adopted me and then now whatever I will do is all as per their wishes. No. You, instead being adopted by the test series, you adopt a test series ad allocate a definite amount of time to that. Say for example, if you have taken up a test and whose target is fixed for next week or something, you see that how much time do I have got? If I have got, let’s say about 10 hours, am I going to give two hours and five days or five hours two days or ten hours one day and that’s the way I would like you to make use of test series. Test it at the time while you are still preparing. Allocate time to the extent that you have it available and then not get too much bothered about the kind of performance you have got. Take the signals as to where you should have prepared and then you start working gradually towards that. And to my understanding, this is the right use of the test series and I strongly recommend that you should be taking tests because ultimately you have to pass this examination. You have to act like an examinee. My best wishes are with you.

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