Response To The Situation Is The Differentiator

Response To The Situation Is The Differentiator

Hi, quite often people come to me talking about the situation that they are in. The situation is not favorable, the things are not working in my favor, and there are a lot of issues they sit down and

then they talk about, my studies being affected by this and then I am not in a position to really handle this - so that kind of an issue which comes. In fact, I would say, the situation is very neutral, I mean it is forced before you. I mean it is not essentially FORCING you to do reaction to it. The reaction is within you. You have control on your reaction. It is something like I would say that lot of WhatsApp message keeps popping. But, you have a choice of which emoji to use to react to that. You have a lot of them. Some of them are very close to each other. I don’t understand quite a few of them though. So, reactions are like what you respond to it. You have two options very clear two options- either you complain about it, complain about the situation that you are part of or that is in front of you or you CHALLENGE that because failure is not an option. In fact, I would say that, I always feel that way as long as your herat is pumping blood to your brain, there’s no reason that you can think of failure. In fact, to me, my understanding only failure that is failure is heart failure. So, I mean as long as there’s nothing of that situation, you shouldn’t talk about situation and complaint about it. You have to respond back. You have to be fighting it out. And I would imagine that there’s a small difference, but a BIG one actually, it looks like small though. What you are doing and what you can do, the situation is what you can do actually. But if you can do something more than that so why are you doing this? Do something which you are actually taking close to your goal. Don’t do a thing which is you think that is not going to be your advantage. A situation I would imagine can at best decide where you STARTED not where you LANDED. Where you ended up, is not decided by the situation you are in. it is decided by WHAT and HOW you reacted to the situation. So always remember I always keep telling you, it’s your REACTION to a situation which is deciding your fate, not a situation. Situation would have a lot of people, same situation but the results and outcome is what they and how they responded to the situation. My best wishes are with you.

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