Keep Your Average High, Be Better Not Bitter

Keep Your Average High, Be Better Not Bitter

In these competitive examinations, I find students, they are competing too much. When I say too much competing I basically would say that they are continuously trying to see that how others are performing.

It’s a good idea that you should be competing because it is a competition and then, you have accordingly prepare yourself. But at every point when you are comparing and competing with others, you are not focused on your OWN realizations or potentials. What I mean by realization or potentials is that you have to build your information base. You have to build your own knowledge base and then compare with others. What you are actually doing is that instead of preparing for this examination you are comparing with others. Somebody who is let’s say for example general studies. Somebody has got an economics background and you have just started. And while you have got let’s say geography background and then you start comparing. Well, that person has got a few hundred hours under his belt as far as the economy is concerned, you got something else. Don’t COMPETE now. You just DEVELOP your economy and then start comparing. Maybe still you are lesser, but then while you are preparing those different-different areas, you come at such a level where you can on an average beat others. And that is what this examination is all about. You have to be AVERAGELY higher than others. Not spiking some area and then leaving other areas UNTOUCHED. If you are comparing every time with every other person who has got different spikes in their own domains, you STOP working on your AVERAGE high. And that’s where I would say, it is important that we work on the AVERAGE HIGH that is where you would find close to about 50% plus, is a good score as far as general studies is concerned. But then when you start comparing point by point and then do not develop your areas of weaknesses, you are probably left behind. That’s not what I basically want. I want you to COMPARE and COMPETE but only after you have built a certain level in different areas where you are slightly lower than somebody who has got expertise but then much HIGHER than others in areas where that person may not be having expertise. And therefore, I would say if you just point to point start comparing you would end up bitter. But that’s not, you have to become better. Better in the areas where others are not as good. Because everybody would have some ways of strengths not all the areas. So it is, here I would like to advise instead of just sitting down and comparing yourself and competing with everybody point to point and their bests, you work on your average. If your x bar goes above, well even if you are not spiked in a particular domain, you are averagely better and that’s what it is all about. Best wishes.

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