Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome

Hi, here today I am going to talk about a problem which is I have found in so many students that they are suffering from. They quite often get overwhelmed by the whole task that they have at their hands.

They want to achieve everything. They want to do everything and quite often they are not in a position to accomplish all those which gives them some kind of negative feed. And then they get into a state where they get overwhelmed by the whole task Psychologists call it as IMPOSTER SYNDROME. This imposter syndrome is something which is giving you some feed that, it is beyond me I cannot do it. Actually, it’s not like it. You have to basically understand what is my requirement and second how much can I actually use it? If we are standing in the middle of Ganga it doesn’t mean that you should be worried about drinking all the water. There are a lot of Ganga which has already flown before you. There are a lot of Ganga which is yet to come to you. And you are thirsty and you are like hey I am standing ad swimming in this ocean of information and I should grab all of them I should drink all the water. Is it possible? Certainly not. Don’t get overwhelmed by the whole task. Always start from the fact that how much actually I can use and there’s a very small amount of it, of the total information that you have got. A very small amount of it you actually can use in the examination hall. And that should be the reference point from where you should start. If I am reading this, can I use it in the examination? If I am reading this, can I actually remember it in the examination hall? If I am now working and collecting all this information, is it going to be useful or not? And then if you think, yes I can, you will find it is a very small quantity of the total information. It’s not the whole Ganga that you are standing in, that you need to be drinking. It’s a very small piece of it and then you would definitely after that quenching of the thirst you are satisfied. You have to be very POSITIVELY MOTIVATED towards the goal and for that, it is very important. In fact, you have to remember one thing that you need to keep yourself motivated otherwise the people around you would always say that hey so much of it is to be done and so much of it, you have not done. So, if there’s so much of it that you have not done and so much of it is to be done that’s not the point? How much can I do, that’s very important. Know your own abilities, know your own capacity, know your own requirements, and then ultimately you will find it’s not too much and it’s definitely doable. In fact, I would always tell people that just be your own cheerleader. Just keep yourself motivated and that will come not from those negativity of non-accomplishment. It will come from the positivity of accomplishment. You are within your own control. You can do it, provided you do not really enlarge the whole scope of the thing that you need to accomplish. And in fact, I would always say SELECT yourself before you EXPOSE yourself to the UPSC and then expect them to be selecting you. You have to be positively sure of what you are doing and never get overwhelmed by the whole idea of mammoth information that you have got in front of you. Nobody can, nobody can actually use all the information that is what is available in the market and probably that’s not required but what you have got how well are you using that, that is very important. So, don’t get those problems of imposter syndrome, and then I think it is very - very possible you are well within your command. If anybody can do it, I promise you can do it. God bless.    

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